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Mysterious Illnesses due to Stress?

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Hi! I’m just wondering if anyone has any illnesses that can’t be diagnosed. My husband of 34 years has recently been diagnosed with Adhd and Narcissistic Tendencies. So I’ve been going through a lot of light bulb moments. The last 34 years have been a roller coaster ride full of stress. Slowly through those years I’ve experienced a lot of weird symptoms..autoimmune, mucles giving out, speech problems on and on. I’ve been to dr after dr and then finally the Mayo Clinic 3 different times for an ungodly barrage of tests. MS.. MD..ALS..FM..Lymes..and list goes on and on. Results: some kind of autoimmune muscular disease that they can’t identify. Sooo now I just accept and go on and am pretty dr shy. Oh and yes I’ve been to a psychiatrist and they said I had a little anxiety. Sooo now I’m really wondering if it’s at all possible that this could be stress related through putting up with years of all my husband’s mess? Or maybe I’m just wanting to blame him? I don’t know..anyone out there with similar experience or thoughts? Thanks!

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Have you any Anxiety, or Stress caused by Work, School or home ?

Yes it sounds like Stress, how are you getting on regards Covid that seems to have caused many health concerns


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Hi! Yes..My stress level is through the roof living with an ADHD and NPDT husband. Symptoms started arising 25 years ago which was about 10 years into the marriage and COVID certainly didn’t help matters, though this has been going on for a long time. Since they can’t specifically diagnose the problem...that’s what makes me wonder if it could be stress related. Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I bring it up since they can’t see what my husband does. He is very careful not to show his true colors in public and makes me out to be the “bad” guy. I would like to destress away from him but I’m still trying to figure that out since I have obligations here and he refuses to leave. Also the mind games are endless so one day I think “well maybe he’s changing..he’s not so bad..” then instantly he can revert. I don’t know what is real anymore..such a mess and I’m too old for all this nonsense. Thanks for your means a lot.

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Hamster2000 in reply to 75Nell

If you are experiencing gaslighting from your husband, then you should join a group for people involved in relationships with narcissists. Then you will see the patterns more clearly and be able to extricate yourself from the situation

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Thank you Hamster2000. Do you know of or recommend any legitimate groups out there online I could try?

Absolutely, stress can play nasty games with your body. It is different for everyone, so it is hard to identify. Try some serious self care and set boundaries between you and hubby’s issues.

Thanks Lazy Dog Lover...I’m giving it a try

Good luck.

Remember about circle of control. "Is it in my circle of control" if not, your response to it is all you can control. It is not that you don't care about him, but you can't internalize his stuff.

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