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Academic Study Stress

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I’ve felt academic study stress for a while now and it has been triggering anxious and suicidal thoughts.

I haven’t felt brave enough to share this with anyone because my fear has been that I would be judged, bullied, or harassed for my anxiety and stress.

I don’t feel confident about my academic performance. I am anxious and jittery, and beat myself up at the smallest of errors. I know the study period is essentially to weed out errors, but I also see a tremendous amount of expectation set on me.

I don’t feel well enough to study. I don’t feel well enough to do anything except breathe and just exist. This feels like far more than what I can accomplish at this stage of my recovery process.

However, I have been keen to do this to avoid being condemned by my family members, who have been pressurising me into making this decision. I’ve felt unable to speak up for myself because of the state I’ve been in.

I need some support in making the right decision.

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Sometimes we are stronger than we think and simply need help - tuition or another person or answering exam questions can give you confidence and guide to certain topics that will help you! Don't quit, have a rest! There is the internet to help you study - youtube and pinterest

However if you feel you cannot cope and can study any course afterwards - one that motivates you - having a class helps students, one student can help another - simply find the right course and right people - who sit at the front, etc. ENJOY YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL SUCCEED

Ultimately at the end of the day ur stuck with ur self n ur brain that will replay ur day. what will help ur health n ur wellbeing.

Living for others never ends well.

U can always go back to ur studies.

Thanks for sharing ur words with us..

What are you studying, do you feel you are not studying for yourself, Or do you feel that taking examinations for your family and the stress to achieve is causing you problems to chase that dream that is not your own ?


Thanks for asking, Bob. I’ll be doing this for myself, under the guidance of my family.

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