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This Isn't A Big Deal But Is This Healthy? / Rant

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So for the last week, I have been not sleeping but laying in my bed until around 2. And I'll read or just lay there and think but I just want to make sure everything I'm doing is healthy or at least I'm progressing and not potentially spiraling down. So back to the point, I just lay in bed then I come downstairs (my room is upstairs away from everybody which is horrible when I'm going through something because I won't leave it). And I'm getting all my school work down. Actually, my grades have never been better and I'm just thankful because it's the little victories right ◕ ◡ ◕

But yeah I just want to know whether staying upstairs in my room till 3 pm is healthy? Should I come downstairs sooner? Should I be motivating myself to get out of bed?

And when I get out of bed what should I do? I have no life * inserts laughing emoji* so if there are some fun activities anybody can recommend that are low-budget-like things to do at home.

I'm thinking about painting because it's getting hot outside and a canvas and paint are at dollar tree so that might be something fun.

Anyways, as I said in a previous post a have no friends so ranting anonymously feels amazing when there are so many positive people on here.

I know that until my insurance gets back to me about my therapist, I will be ranting a lot and coming on here for all advice. *inserts laughing emoji*

Thanks for this safe place. I love it here.

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For awhile I did that but then I did volunteer work and then online courses and improved my outlook on life

It is important you get on with your studies, you will never get on with them if you sleep in to mid afternoon. However if your are depressed with your studies and examinations you will possible need help to come to terms with whatever is upsetting you. Do you know what your general problems are.

It is very important you find distractions and hobbies to take your mind of your fears, worries and concerns


sometimes I stay upstairs because of my aunt's boyfriend being there and I just don't like him so I come downstairs when I think he's gone😂. But the other times I just lay up there not really knowing.

It is important you are able to fulfill your needs and expectations in life remember having restricted access to your home just because your Aunts Boyfriend is there seems a bit rich for you especially if do not get on with Him. He should at least be courtious to you and not unsettle you


Yeah, I'm trying to do better sometimes it doesn't bother me other times it does but I'm working on being in control of my own emotions.

I have a daughter 17 who also often stays in bed that long, sometimes later. Like you her grades are good. I think it's pretty normal for young people to do that don't worry.

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