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Why must the administration keep messing about with the layout of our forum ? It's been changed so many times to no great effect as far as I can tell. This is my safe place, it's disconcerting to come on here only not to recognize it and to have to relearn it. People with mental health problems don't like change. You should know this. If you were making improvements I could understand that , but all you do is rearrange things.Could you move your office furniture instead ? Pam

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100% agree Pam; It changed whilst I was on line and I had 2 windows open, one the old version and the other a new one! Very confusing. Pete

It is HU who has changed it so they probably wouldn't take much notice of those with mental health issues.

I do hate all the changes too and I can't see the purpose behind them but at the end of the day it's not our platform it's HU's. We are very lucky to have it and don't forget we don't pay a penny for it do we. x

No we don't pay and I am grateful , but they need us also.

Not sure they do need us?

It's hard to have any kind of health forum without people with health issues to write about. If they are providing a service there has to be people to receive it.

Maybe it's just the air of publicity they need? It must cost money though to run the site and belong to HU. Don't forget the Shaw Mind Foundation has other methods of delivering help too.

Smiling at "change your office furniture instead" :)

I love the new format, Keep the changes coming Admins :)!

Great job.

I second this!

sweetiepye PMRPete as hypercat54 says the changes to the layout are not the result of anything that forum administrators have done - in fact many are administrators on forums covering a wide diversity of conditions are very unhappy with the way the changes have been introduced. To the best of my knowledge administrators were not consulted about the changes.

please feel free to rant away ... and also to email HU support (the providers of the platform) to make your feelings known.


One driver of the inclusion of the 'resources' section under My hub does appear to have been income generation and I really do think this section would much better be called 'sponsored links'.

MAS_Nurse , a number of forums have put up a post giving users a potted guide to where features they knew how to find have now ended up - it might help your forum users to put up a similar post explaining what has happened.

This is a link to the relevant post on the TUK (Thyroid UK) forum


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Thank you for the information . I hope no one took it personally, especially the MAS_Nurses who are the best thing to have happened on this forum . I'll be ranting to HU and I will enjoy it. Pam


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