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Hello. I am looking for a good stress and anger therapist or a good charity to get help from

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We are here to give support and understanding. Have you tried MINDFULNESS Relaxation Technique, you can get books on Amazon for £10;00.

Have you talked out your problem with your Family GP he can arrange medication and possibly a course of Talking Therapy


Well if it's face to face you are looking for we can't help as we have no idea what country you are in.

If you want online google it as there are a few out there.


Hows life, had your injections yet, I have my second week tomorrow, I am all exited lol


Oh so do I Bob. My 2nd is 5th May. I can't wait can you? 😁✔💖

Something to look forward to. Hazel has just had Her first one four weeks ago. While my second dose was arranged on twelve Weeks.

The vaccine has been slow out in the countryside the nearest centre is over sixty miles away so the cities have been seen to that much faster.

We only have two surgeries in town and another twenty miles away so it have proven to be a trial and trubulation to get that little Prick ?

Many places have been given second dose at five to six weeks. I suppose they may give a third dose when we have our flu injections.

I love going to the Doctors, especially for injections, it is every twelve weeks now for B12. I will think about you, same Wednesday. We can compare notes lol


Ha ha we sure can Bob :D xx

I tried gp but they were more interested in my mood that what is causing it. England is where I reside.

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Have you tried writing down how you feel. That will help you explain what is wrong with your health fears and concerns. Whatever you decide generally discussing your problems with someone you know or trust is one of the best ways to make you come to terms and understand your problems


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hypercat54 in reply to leek86

Not sure I get this. I am in England too and I do know many areas only offer CBT on the NHS now coz it is so quick. Is that what you have been offered? Where I am you can self refer to mental health services and you get an assessment and accepted or rejected for counselling. I was rejected.....

Depending where you are you might be able to access free or cheap help privately from one of the mental health charities including sane and mind. Google them and have a look.

Some counsellors will offer a cheaper rate to those without must money but again you have to do your own research.

Another thing that might help is often an area will have a mental health group where others can meet. There is one near me but I haven't bothered going. I imagine it would be full of alkies and druggies mainly young but could be worth a try.

Good luck.

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borderriever in reply to leek86

There are generally CBT Courses in England you can refer yourself to your GP can give centres you can attend. The sessions about twelve will if required recommend a further pathway if needed.

Many towns and cities do have Mental Health Day Centres, they can also offer a course of CBT that may be rationed to between si x to twelve sessions.

Everyone in these sessions to give eachother support. Your Doctor should have information regarding above.


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