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Looking for help for psychotic loved one that has been arrested

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Someone I love has been arrested and has severe mental health issues. We were trying to find help and made appointments but unfortunately he had a psychotic episode and was arrested. He needs help immediately but I can’t get anyone to listen. He needs in a psychiatric hospital not a jail. Is there any where or anyone that can help or advise? Thank you

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I would suggest making an appointment with his doctor and asking them to refer him to psychiatric services.. The only problem being that this could take time so be prepared for a wait especially in these circumstances we find ourselves living in..

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Pmdrake54 in reply to Satsuma

Unfortunately he has no Doctor

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Satsuma in reply to Pmdrake54

Oh.. Could you get him registered with one perhaps..?

Would there be a possibility of getting him voluntarily sectioned under the mental health act? There’s information about it on the mind.org.uk website - mind.org.uk/information-sup...

It’s an extreme option but could be one route otherwise from what you’ve written it could be that he ends up in and out of trouble with the police.

Good luck with everything

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Pmdrake54 in reply to Smudge2522

This is the US and there is no mental health act. Yet.

I am going through something similar! My brother is psychotic and won’t go get help. In jail they will see he is sick and transfer him to the hospital! Has that happened yet?

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Pmdrake54 in reply to Operalady

I’m in the US and up to 30% pf the inmate population is mentally ill. Prisons are the new asylums. This national disgrace came to my attention when I tried to find my loved one an advocate and help while incarcerated. If there is help out there I can’t find it. All of the organizations ask for donations, maybe try to get you in a group meeting, but as far as actually trying to solve this issue I can see very little effort. The saddest thing about this problem is no one really seems to care. It is absolutely heartbreaking and inhuman.

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Operalady in reply to Pmdrake54

I am USA also

Hello how is your loved one in jail?

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Pmdrake54 in reply to Operalady

How is your brother?

He is still in jail in solitary confinement and in suicide watch. He has court tomorrow and his lawyer is going to try and get a Psychiatric evaluation. He has been in jail for two months now! It is ridiculous he has not received the help he needs. Heartbroken

I am heartbroken for you and your family too. How did it go in court?

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Well he isn’t going to prison but he is still in jail. They have agreed to give him a psychiatric evaluation. I’m not sure what they are doing. The haven’t lowered his bond from 60k.

Hello how are you? How is your loved one? I understand what you are going through! I had to go through with a restraining order and our court date is June 24. I didn’t want to do it but he was coming over and scaring my family with accusations that were absolutely not true! We are stealing his bank account information to steal his savings terrible things like that! I am a lier and a thief and other terrible terrible things. He looks demonic. Called a well check twice but police say he is fine. He can switch on a dime when he has too to present himself as ok. My mother had similar episodes and did the same thing! I will present my brothers history in court and hope the judge will order mandatory psychiatric evaluation so he can get help! This is all so so stressful and heart breaking! How is your family doing? How are you holding up? I am talking to a therapist it’s all too much. I will pray for u and your loved one!

Hello how is your loved one who is in jail for mental health crisis?

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