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Will I get strong again?

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I have let myself go during lockdown

Lost my job and my friend died.

All I do is clean my flat, have a bath and rush to the supermarket and back.

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Yes you will. One small step at a time.

Sorry to hear you lost a friend.

Doing things you enjoy the most should surely but slowly help you get your smile back.

Loads of hugs!

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Chase888 in reply to Laykonyde

Thank you. I don't think I will have another relationship cos no man will love me as much as he did.

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Laykonyde in reply to Chase888

Hi Chase888,

I suppose its still very fresh in your memory. I understand.

But how are we so sure that no one is gonna love like some else did if we didn't give it a go?.

Time they say heals wounds for some, maybe not for u.


Have you visited your Doctor to explain your problems. Make your appointment then write out a list of how you feel

Are you a Pensioner, like me ?


Hello BobThank you for your reply.

I get hurt easily. It's on my notes that I am very sensitive.

I never had children cos I never fell in love. I guess at least I never suffered a broken heart.

Bob, how are you?

I have been in the midst of check-ups, tomorrow I am seeing a Physio and a further appointment with the Diabetes Nurse, Last week I have had other appointments with the Doctor and in Practice. The Doctor has decided to do a mental health profile before arranging the Old Persons Clinic to arrange me to have a further tranche of tests to confierm my problems are not Dementia,, Damage caused by Meningitus when I was younger, So it looks like I will be busy. With what is wrong with me.

Generally it is not worth worrying we are where we are, that is life in general. I have also had to change my Chemist, the Surgery could not get some of my medications, they changed to Tesco and they had the same problem. So now my medications are looked after by an independent Chemist. There was also a further problem where someone elses drugs

Had been mixed up with mine three weeks early and we could not find the script. So the new chemist contacted the Surgery as had my wife and it was sorted. So all done. One of the medications are a problem to get so that was a problem sorted

So given all above life became complex. My Wife looks after ordering and looking after my drugs because my memory is not that good.

I am sorry you are feeling so lonely and you are at a loss on what to do. There are many people who are in the same boat as yourself. We all need to understand the reasons for problems like these and that can be difficult as we try and consider our needs. Are there any groups or clubs you could join to give you support


Hello again BobI picked myself up today and cleaned, did paperwork and got my shopping.

I feel better than yesterday.

Well done Chase, I spent some time in the garden, very restricted in what I can do so I have been on the Laptop for a time and reading and looking at Historic Picture books of past holidays and days out.

I have two appointments tomorrow and hopefully we will get down on the beach for Pax to run along the sands. Everyone is on the sands watching for the Dolphins to appear first time of the year although personally as far North as we are I feel it still must be a long wait. It is nice to watch the Wildlife as Spring and Summer arrives.

Are there any place you can go for a peaceful walk, We get out in the morning and see all the wildlife feeding in the fields. The Farmer has Gas Canon to scare away the birds etc. Even the deare eat the crops and eat the bark on the trees. We all try and shoot the Rodents although sad to say I am not a good shot so I am still practicing, setting up targets etc. So I have it arranged that I can sit down when target practicing. because of my disabilities. We just purchased a pest control rifle a while ago, the problem is it feels so very heavy with all the attachments.



Who are the rodents?

I can go to the cemetery.

Today I went out and sat with some people but then I got asked for money. In a nutshell I was bored so I left. No conversation.

But I am glad my flat is clean and I am clean.

I am lucky to be able to use the Internet.

Rodents classed here are Mice, Rats, Rabbit and Wood Pigion . We leave the Hares alone . The Rats are the main problem, they live in the fields and Hedgerow, we also have them living in the compost bins.It keeps everyone busy and cause a stack of damage. They chew the Water Butts and the water leeks out so we need to fill up the holes

Rats can reproduce every six weeks. Aaaaaah!Why can't a pill or powder be invented that makes rodents infertile?

Chase the problem we have is they get used to the poisen we leave out for them in fact they seem to enjoy eating it. We still keep changing the type of powder and eventually they just get on with their day.

The gun is quite heavy for me, only six pounds in weight, although it came with a silencer and a Telephoto lens with a range finder that shows up red. So I am still practising and getting used of it. Personally I feel the Rats have us all sussed.


Hello again. They do have people sussed cos they are highly intelligent and like I said they can reproduce every six weeks.

I meant the bit about the advance we have with medicine and technology why is there no powder been invented that makes the rats, pigeons infertile?

I mean it was the 60's that birth control was invented for humans.

When we had our kitchens and bathrooms done we ALL had a problem with mice due to little holes left in our walls.

I felt awful putting poison in food and killing 2 of them but I was terrified.

I brought 'FILAFOAM' and put it in the little holes but because the whole block complained our wonderful landlords sent pest control to all of the flats.

Fingers crossed no problems now for over 10 years.

Back to the point why has there not been invented yummy food that makes rodents infertile?

Chase I do not know it would be a good idea, The problem we have is they snuggle in the Compost Bins, they love the heat. I would prefer giving them something like above, I just have not seen anything like this, even on the web.

I do not like the thought of killing even rodents, the alternative is a lead pellet at 40 yards it is like fighting a war in the trenches, with all the gear we need to use so we do not miss them. We have tried leaving out some supper with yummy food and poisen sade to say cat and dog food, they love it, and are used to the taste, we also need to be careful that Pax does not find the stuff.

With living in the countryside we have a large selection of Wildlife and we need to peotect what we love to see, in fact the Birds of prey do a decent job early morning. We would hate to hurt anyone in the garden including Stoats and headgehoggs


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