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I can't get on with people at work



Even though I always try to be nice and friendly, I don't get on well with people. I don't blame them for it, though, because I know it's, actually, kind of my fault. I don't let people get to know me since I don't like to talk about myself: private life, family, my past, etc. The reason why I'm so is basically because my life has been awful and I don't like to share it with anyone. Another reason is my health issues, which don't let me socialize with others.

I feel I already have to change my current job (it's been six months) because I've had enough being around people who have had enough of me - it's very exhaustive mentally.

Unfortunately, there are no jobs that would let me work in solitude unless I have a particular skill, which I don't have.

Since I can't really do anything that requires some specific knowledge or previous training, I think I'm going to try in housekeeping or home care.

Before I apply for any job, though, maybe there is someone on this platform who would need help around the house?

I can imagine some people may need a hand at home but can't afford hiring professionals - letting me help would be definitely cheaper.

If someone who lives in England were interested, feel very welcome to let me know it - maybe we could help each other :) If not, I'm just gonna have to keep struggling :(

I know it's always risky to get together in real life with someone whom we've met online, but maybe we could take some measures to minimize the risk.

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Same situation, neglect and abuse is my past and can't talk about feelings or much about family - I always try to talk about news or anything on LBC radio and courses I am doing. It's hard but as long as you talk about something, you can get away with it

Yeah, I also try to talk about anything but it's good for the beginning. Then you become boring and nobody enjoys really talking to you about weather anymore.

Im sorry that you can relate to me, but Im happy you understand me. Thanks :)

Sorry you are having such a rough time.

I would recommend that you do not look for employment on this type of site, that can be very risky, you need to possibly look for positions in the Employment Exchange or Agencies, you can also try the Local Newspapers.

When I was at College over the Summer period I would walk around shops and offices to look for holiday work, however everything is pear shaped at the moment and everything is so unreal. So I do not know what really to suggest. To be honest I am near on seventy and I have not worked for years. You could try Hospitals they may be looking for casual workers, although that type of work may be a problem because of the virus.

Regards your position now, you sound young and sometimes we can try to hard to make friends. I would keep away from those private things you mention, it is better you make small talk about your Hobbies etc, Take an interest in those you work with, keep the content light, however eventually they will introduce you to Work Politics of those around you, everyone has their own opinions and in that way you learn about those around you

You will find you like some people who you work with and others you are best to leave alone.

Be approachable and friendly, you will make friends, I wish you well


Thank you for your reply, Bob; you seem a nice man.

I've been looking for a job everywhere online, but they all seem to have too high expectations for me: it's not enough to do your work properly, you also need to be energetic, enthusiastic, happy, have good communication skills, and be a team player - I simply can't afford this much :(

Thank you for your advice, though :)

The most important thing in life are know yourself, and have confidence in yourself and future, It seems you have been offered a position where the Employer has confidence in you and that is a place you will find your direction in life. Run with the Hare and go for your future, if someone sees in your attitude a promising person who will settle I see no conflict, you will settle and make your future the way you wish.

Never look for the minimum in life we need to be able to move into the place that is waiting for you and your future


Lin1944 in reply to borderriever

Hi, I am lucky that I am a sociable lady. I find most people love to talk about themselves, their family and illnesses so when you are with people ask a question like How are your family doing and they will rabbit on for ages while you just nod and smile. I sometimes think I know everything about you but what do you know about me. Try this new way until you get more friendly with them. Good luck x

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