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I have bipolar continuously up and down for a long time I do take Med. I have other medical conditions that they can't figure out thing its EDS. I have had a few bad night were as much as dying is not an option its thought about alot. I fight it off but im really struggling. I STRONG BUT GETTING TIERED

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I understand how exhausting these mental health conditions can be. Please try and self care as much as you can. I'm glad you are strong. Yes death can seem like a welcome release at times but it is not the answer and will hurt terribly those around us. Hang on in there.

I'm sorry this is such a short response but I am going out shortly for the day. I hope you get more replies.

Gemmalouise xx

Last night was close. No plans or anthing on how but it was like too people arguing on to do or not to.

I sobt want to but feeling a times ar soooo strong

Sorry you are feeling so up and down at this time. When our moods lift and fall we can get confused in ourselves and distressed.

You need ways of controlling your condition and Mindfulness can help in calming yourself and finding the middle ground. Death is never an option and you need consider ways of diverting your thoughts and expectations. Hobbies, Sport and other diversions will help you control your unsettling behavour.

You mention you have additional health concerns, You have not explained what these problems are. However your GP can help with medications and arranging a treatment plan for you mood changes. You are not alone I suffer various Chronic Health Concerns and I have been like you now for many years. However you have a lot to live for and there is no reason you will not be able to life your life in a self rewarding way.

We never stop and we are always looking for diversions, like the morning we took Pax out for a walk and went down to the harbour to see the cruise ship World. Having a tea break now we will go for another drive as we are still on holiday.


Explain your fears and concerns in a more inclusive way to your GP and He may be able to help you move on down a different pathway


I have EDS (alers danlos) it severl diffet categories. Mine i vascular with i have anlarged ventricle in heart. Could fail anytime . But atbthis point the pain from the nerve side is bad at times. Very debilitating. No pain med works. Even tride med. Marijuana that ive alsways hated but willing to try anything for relife didnt work.

Between that and the roller coast of major thoughts , man i dont know

Who have you seen about the pain levels. I have hypermobility Ehlers Danlos as does my 16yr old daughter. She has recently seen a new doctor fir pain management and has then been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The new tgibkibg/criteria is that anyone with chronic pain for more than 3yrs is likely to develop fibro. He has changed all of her medication and she has just started these over this weekend. I neglect myself due to my caring roles as I care for difficult elderly mum (87) . I'm slowly grinding to a stop and need time to look after me but can't find any as I work too. On my own with all of this, hubby left 4yrs ago. I get very down in mood now.

Please go back to your gp and explain all of your problems and see if you can see someone about pain. It really affects you mentally, I'm there with that and often disappointed that I wake. I also have afib since last year too

Sending you hugs and hope you get to a better place very soon.

Ps. Are you on any of the Facebook support groups for eds. I have made a few very good friends and always have a good response to my worries etc


Part of my problem.these br have sent me everywere , from rumitoud. To mri ,catscans , physical theropy , meds , med. Pot DONT WORK, SO ON AMD SON ON DOR YEARS. MY SON HAD EDS and i belive it expkains alot but im not looking fir cures anymore just answers

I get that. It is a case of just managing. I am empathising on how relentless pain impacts on the emotional well being. Personally I have never felt so low in my life as I have done over this last year. That said, I keep going, All be it a struggle physically and mentally. I wish you well and just wanted to tell you you are not alone, I'm sure you know that sending my best wishes to you

Thankk u and u as well

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