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Should I take Sertraline again

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I’m wondering whether to go back taking Sertraline as I feel I cannot cope sometimes and very confused in my mind and don’t really want to do much

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hi did they help before maybe you could but on a lower dose and see how you feel.

Hi Mickey11,

If you have found it has helped in the past then may be it is worth considering and talking to your doctor with. You have recognised you may need help. It’s ok to feel and be like this. And having the confidence to reach out and ask is also admirable.

Best wishes

Hi, I know you probably have heard this from other people you seek advice from- but it is important you share your concern with your psychiatrist. Personally I've been on Sertraline for more than two years now, I can't remember that clearly on how bad the side effects were when I first started it, but I know with the medication your stomach is going to be more grumpy than normal. I make sure I take the pills after I finish my meal, not just anything but you must make sure you are full so it does not hurt too bad. I have always been one that has lots of dreams at night since young, the pills didnt reduce my dreams or change them per se but I do experience sweating excessively. And it is not only at night basically now I sweat very easily it is actually very annoying.

i do find so many people start to feel much better on antidepressants so much so they stop taking them when really they were doing their job to make you feel better. if something works stay on it please there's no stigma being on them they're like insulin to a diabetic they help us enjoy our life and function better. I've come off mine twice before due to feeling better and feeling ashamed or weak and both times hit rock bottom so now that's me on them for life. I only take escitalopram 10mg but it's saved my life

Yes I think that is what happens, you feel better and think I don’t need to take these anymore, then it takes a while to hit you. Thx

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