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Longtime no see

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Hello everyone, i have been away from Healthunlocked for up to 7 years! So I am just posting to tell everyone that I am still alive:)). My depression is so bad at the moment but I am still alive and now 59 years old. Hi everyone and best wishes.

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Hello Atenns

Welcome back, can we help in any way


Hello glad to hear your still with us and you keep battling on stay strong and positive if possible and you know from been on here before there is help.hope you have a good day

Sorry to hear you’re not so good 😊

hi welcome back 7 years is a long time to be away and come back hopefully during that time life was ok.hopefully you can get back on track again.

Sorry to hear that. Stay strong and keep your mind occupied.

All the best

Welcome back! Glad you are here!

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