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No future

I am 65 and trying to get over break-up after 15 years. I am taking Mirtazapine 45mg and have been given diazepam to use as and when I need them. I have had depression on and off for years but now it is worse than ever. Every day is a struggle, the hurt I feel inside is unbearable and just cry, so most days at some point I take a diazepam and go to bed feeling I have nothing to live for and just want to sleep to make everything go away. I spend day and after day, night after night alone and even when I visit my family I end up just wanting to go home to cry and curl up in bed. I do occasionally have lighter moments when I feel I can do some jobs around the house and garden as there is only me to do them. How do I get myself out of this misery. I just want my ex back and I cannot have him.

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I do understand how you feel I am sixty seven in August and starting to feel my life is slowly making things harder to do. I have now decided to enjoy my final decades, my medications have caused further problems with my health so I will push myself and find different activities I would have tried earlier on in my youth or middle age. It is never to late to push myself and that is what I am doing. If it knocks me down, so what.

Try looking for day centres for pensioners, you may get help and encouragement there. Loosing a partner late on can be really nasty, try and move on and look for activities that will absorb the negativity there are many like us who are looking for friendship. Give it a try



As the old saying goes - time is a great healer. You do not mention the reasons for your breakup but they can be numerous. I to am 65, my relationship is not perfect and I was recently on my own for 8 weeks, what I did do was fully occupy myself, we have a large garden which the weeds seem to appear daily, I completely cleaned every room until it gleamed, I visited friends, went shopping etc. Your situation is different I know however you need to start thinking positive, join some groups around where you live, could you get a pet? Animals are good as they distract you, I borrow my friends and go walking with them. Just a few suggestions. If this is the end of the relationship then you do have to come to terms with it, harder as you get older I know. You still have a life to live, be strong and you will succeed.😊😊


So sorry to hear you are suffering like this. I was with my partner for nine years and it really broke me when we seperated. If you ever want to talk im here for you x


Thank you for your reply, I can't help wanting to contact him, although he makes it clear its over, I am so desperate to get him to change his mind, I go about 3 weeks without contact and then I have to try again even though I might be setting myself for another rejection. I cant imagine the rest of my life without him and it is breaking my heart so much, Every day is a struggle to get through, sometimes I feel really bad, take a diazepam and go and curl up in bed to sleep, so I don't feel the pain. Does it ever get any easier.


Time really is a great healer...the less you talk to him and see him the better. You will fall in love again and look back and realise that you deserved better and the new love is worth so much more.


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