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Coping with depression


How do you all deal / cope with depression and anxiety ?

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Hello Reecey for me personally I don’t cope very well with either, the Depression is a daily Battle for me, and the anxiety I have is social anxiety, where I will avoid going out at all cost because I feel there isn’t enough space for me to feel comfortable. I don’t like being enclosed, and I’m worried when we all get back to living a normal life again, how I’m going to cope. What is your Anxiety and Depression like, have you noticed it’s got a lot worse.


Thanks for your reply ! I know what you mean as I am going through it and I am struggling . Trying to find ways to cope and stop over thinking and becoming more positive and happy :)

Have you discussed your feeling with GP or Therapist


Hi bob,Yes I have abs I am currently on medication but I am struggling still . Just trying to find ways to change my way of thinking and become more positive.

You need to consider activities that will give you a challenge although nothing that will cause you harm. Any hobbies and diversions in life can help distract your pain and increase your confidence. I spent many years on this site and I am still in pain, started after an accident in 1975 up to present day. I am seventy now and I always try and keep myself busy with hobbies also carefully doing gardening


I got severely depressed after having been unemployed for four years, separating my companion at the time and moving out of my parents house, because there seemed to be no way I could go whatever direction I wanted on my own. I sought out the necessary assistance available to me, went through my medication and bootstrapped myself out of whatever I was going through. A lot of people come to me saying they "aren't strong enough" or that "they can't" and while I've never said it was easy, I dealt with whatever I had at hand because lying in bed hoping it'll all go away on it's own wasn't solving the problem. I'm fully recovered because I identified the issues leading up to my depression, dealt with them one by one until I had them all in management and unless literally everything turns to absolute shit all of a sudden I'm up and ready for another depression or the next panic attack. I know what those feelings mean to me and I've peace with consulting them from time to time.

Thanks for your advice . I’m just trying to find ways to cope change my mindset and way of thinking to be more positive and get out of this situation

How DID you end up in your current situation?

I don’t know it just comes and goes I can’t help it

But it wasn't always this way?

Not at all. In was happy and loved life . I don’t know what is causing it whether it is my anxiety constant worrying or a change of job or what I just don’t know pal

When did this change?

Past few months

And your new job is the most recent change of events that's happened?

Yes and the dread of a house move coming up

What's the difference between your current job and your past job?

Just a career change from areospace to working for a police force

I sent you a personal response to this conversation, check your messages, please :)

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