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Hi I am new here and this is literally my first post. I am really scared and confused with what I am going through, the thing I know for sure is that something is wrong but what is wrong I am not sure. I have come here just to find some peace and calm.

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Hello Jenna, Welcome

Can you explain what is wrong, Have you talked to your Doctor, has He arranged any treatment, medication or CBT

There are many people here on site that are friendly and do talk from experience,


I havent spoken to any doctor nor have shared this with my family because I know they widnt understand. I have no friends I can talk to about this. I have been searching for support in people I sont know because I am too scared to admit anything to the people I know. I have been pretending to be okay for quite a long time but now its getting exhausting and every morning it takes up too much energy to get up and carry on.

Jenna you are at the beginning of a journey and it may be talking to a Doctor may be a good idea in the first instance. It does not mean you need to explain to your Parents however depending on your age and the cause of your problems it may be talking to family may help, In some ways this may help you come to terms with your condition and help you move on by addressing your fears and move on.

I know i my case my family were not that understanding although eventually like all we need to move on and address what is causing Anxiety and depression. Give your family members a chance, it helps to get things off your chest, Although talk to your Doctor, make a list of what is wrong this will help you explain yourself to your Doctor and not forget anything

Talking Therapy may help in the future ?


Hi there Jenna_Smith, its okay sweets.. be open and feel free to let out all your worries, we are here to listen to you and find out the best possible solution..

Heyyy it's ok not to be ok ;) I am new here as well and have some of the same things going through my head. I am here for you if you need 👀

Hi, welcome. I totally understand not knowing what's wrong or how you feel I get that way often so it's ok let's work thru things together.

Call me

HU Note - Number removed as it contains the personal information in order to safeguard personal identity.

welcome aboard Jemma hopefully you can find some peace and calm here.

Hi Jenna, I don’t generally post but your comment could’ve been written by me - I feel the same way! I don’t generally tell people how I feel for a variety of reasons, and have often wished I could talk to someone who would be willing to listen without worrying that whatever I say will adversely affect them or my relationships with them. If you want to chat let me know. Either way, hang in there - you’re not alone in your feelings!

We are all here for support. This is the beauty of it

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