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Studies and anxiety following depression


This is my second year in the university and things doesn’t go very good. I feel a pressure inside my brain because I believe that if I fail it’s a catastrophic thing I feel like a bag of trash but my family and friends say that everything it’s going to be ok and this things but I want to stop from this world just a minute

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I really feel for you, it was the same in my case, I would worry if I was going to fail those who had faith in me. I managed my initial tickets then left as I could not keep up and I was under a great deal of stress from my Family.Eventually I worked as an Engineer for twenty six years when I was retired due to ill health and disability.

Try and stop worrying you must have an interest in the subject you are taking, If your family is trying to encourage you you are very lucky, my family destroyed my confidence, My Mother was a teacher of Mathematics and would not help me learn. Most of my Examinations where Practical Mathematics, no help at all. All people and family can expect of you is you do what you can to get your Tickets. It is no good and no help if people do you down


I'm sorry your family put you down, but you are always welcome here. And you make me smile, i'm not sure if it's the way you type stuff, or whatever the reason may be, one thing for sure is never change. Hugs.

I will never change Wounded Soldier, Getting to old for that. thank you



Take breaks as needed

I went to a Christian university that my parents made me attend despite getting scholarships to schools I wanted to attend. I started having panic attacks and felt defeated three years in. Which was terrible timing as I only had one more year but I feel your story and only you know what your body and mind are saying to you. It’s so hard to figure awareness of yourself out at any age and this age is so challenging you are in. I can remember the pressure to be as the good girls there and I couldn’t feel as one inside. I wish you and your journey success defined any way you see it. Everyone is different and has differing needs and successes -you speaking about the pressure you feel is success as I was afraid to speak at your age. Kudos to that and best wishes

Do you feel perhaps, it's going to be a catastrophe IF you were to mess up your studies? could you describe a little what the things are that stress you out alot regarding this issue?

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