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Dread: pip assessment this week


It's taken ages to get this far, but I have a telephone assessment on 19th Nov at 0800! I cannot but dread this, too many stories of lying assessors and rejected claims leave have left me feeling it's not going to go well. I supplied loads of evidence....letters from Gp, Consultants, different family members who have to care for me, pages and pages of typed responses to the questions. But I cannot for the life of me see how someone 'asssessing' me by phone is going to achieve a good outcome. It's actually triggering an already bad flare to becoming the worst I've experienced. I woke with a migraine at 0230 this morning and a feeling of such anxiety I just bawled my eyes out.... it hasn't helped the damn migraine and have not managed to go back to sleep. Exhausted.

I'm now questioning is it even worth it at all?

Has anyone had a telephone assessment? I get fibro fog....what do I do if I'm 'foggy'....I know I sound rambling and confused when this happens.

Any advice at all (apart from calm down..because that doesn't help) would be so appreciate.

Sorry for long ramble.

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My checkups were always performed at home where they may depending on the claim check you over on the day. Sometimes they may arrange a Doctor to assess your condition in their Offices.

It can be dependent on your condition and which benefit you are going for.

All I can suggest if you have someone to sit in with you the more the better. On the phone is a different matter. They may give benefit on a short period and need to see you at a later date


What if you had someone there with you that could help by stepping in and answering, if fogginess comes over you. This would really help calm your nerves. If they don't allow this and you get foggy then there's nothing you can do as this is part of your condition.

If possible, have some notes with you eg., list of meds, docs, short summary of your condition and how it affects you. I find it gives comfort to read from something.

When answering questions, always explain with your 'WORST' day. Don't doubt yourself or how bad things you get during a flare-ups. As a doc once said to me, make it 'blacker than black'.

I was exactly like you, made myself so sick over it. It does get easier though.

Best of luck, will be thinking of you.

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