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Just can't cope


Not much more to say I suppose

Absolutely hate myself crippled by severe health anxiety and panic disorder

Nothing helps or worse

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Don’t hate yourself your Ill I too am suffering crippling anxiety and I know how u feel I just wanna say u are not alone if u wanna chat message me

Have you talked to your Doctor and explained how you feel


Yes but noone understands


It is important you are able to address your concerns and sort them out. If you have someone who will listen fantastic, However generally speaking it is very difficult to find some who will just listen and not judge. Sometimes it may help tohave some talking therapy and they can give you the understanding to address your concerns and fears.

Sad to say when push comes to shove only you can understand your needs and expectations, When we are ill, in general, it is up to the sufferer to help themselves with the help of various health professionals, they give encouragement and give you the help to address your problems.

Sad to say I understand how hard it is at these difficult times to get treatment even addressing the problem of getting a Doctors eye to eye appointment, you will need to be determined that your problem needs addressing. I know sad to say I am going through the same problem and to be honest I cannot understand why this is in practice. If you feel you need help do what needs to be done. At the moment I can get basic treatment although my blood tests and tests are been thrown to the wind.


Bless you Secret4706.... I feel similarly.

How do you get through the day?

Do you have a routine?

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