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Why do I always feel like this now?


So I’ve booked an appointment with the doctor over my knee but I so want to say how sad I am but come the telephone call I’ll prob feel fine and not say anything. I am on sertaline and haroperodol already. It seems in the night I want to reach out but still be in control. I can let my thoughts wander off and be left to them for a while. I still don’t fully say what I think I would be locked up and I have a life to keep up as well.

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Do you have an app or email or anything like that to communicate with your doctor?

Whenever I know I’m gonna chicken out and not tell my doctor how I’m really feeling, I send her a message on the doctor’s office app beforehand being like “hey I’m also struggling with low mood lately and would like to discuss it at my upcoming appointment”

Horse125 in reply to laurenlynn

Only when we make an appointment can we write anything and not only the doctor sees this. This is a good idea and I think this could help perhaps I will suggest this. Thanks for your reply

What country are you in?

Horse125 in reply to hypercat54

Hi I’m in the uk

hypercat54 in reply to Horse125

So am I. I wouldn't try and talk about more than one thing during your appointment unless you know your doctor is OK with that. These days they get very funny about it as they only have a few minutes per patient. Make another appointment.

Don't worry about being locked up as there are so few available places only very seriously ill patients are taken in, and probably not them half the time.

Make a list of your concerns before the telephone call or appointment. This will help you remember what you wish to discuss. This way you will get more out of your appointment and not forget anything

Give it a try


Thanks I plan to go in a quiet room so will need some reminders. Thanks

Hello pleased to meet you..

My support worker advised this..

Write down what you need to say make some notes..

Bullets how you are and what effects Sertraline effecting you anything else.

Be honest if you are then Docotor could access additional support or resiurces if struggling...

Why say this because through GP offered obtained mental health support resources and much more..

If said no be still struggling..

Use it like a script read off it..

When visit or speak GP have a problem with this hand her the notes..

Clear precise you just sit there..

Same on phone explain struggle to say any thing...

Have glass cold water sip it be calm...

Also this meds cause dry mouth confused and some muddled thinking...

Doctor knows this so please do not be hard on your self..

I am sorry have problems with your knee anything can advise or support with...

Please ask me

Please take care

Horse125 in reply to MrRigatoni

Thanks think I do need to write stuff down though my call is mainly about my knee and the fact I want my knee replacement sooner rather than later. This is not helping my mood I’m in pain all the time. I’m up and down feel sad and other times really down but keep up appearances that I’m fine or I may seem quieter but still not fully reflecting on how I am feeling.

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