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Will I always be like this?

Hi everyone, I’ve been suffering with clinical depression since I was about 15, possibly even before that. I am now 29 & although I have better phases that come & go I feel like it never truly goes away, it’s always there in the background. I was wondering if there’s anyone else out there who had experienced it for so long too but have ever managed to feel like they have truly beaten it? I feel like I’m kind of a lost cause & will always be this way :(

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Hi there Jjlinx, so sorry you are feeling like this but I fully understand as I haven't been feeling good for a few months now. I left my job on Voluntary Redundancy and am looking for a part-time job and nothing has come to fruition as yet. I think my problems are that my mother in law is causing problems as my husband is rarely that happy because of the pressure she puts him under and I don't think that will get better until his mother is no longer with us, she is 88. She is a very needy person but also very selfish and I find her very difficult. There is also history within my family of depression and that is my husband had it when he was young and our daughter tried to commit suicide but she is so so much better now and is becoming more open. Anyway, enough of me.

I exercise a lot and that certainly lifts my spirits and makes me feel so much better. I went out on a power walk today and it was really good. I also meet friends for coffee and find that also helps me. It might be worth going online and looking at the natural aids for depression, see below:


The above is a link to St John's Wort which I started taking many years ago and felt brilliant on it but I had to give it up as one of the very rare and I mean it's rare side effects is photosensitivity and unfortunately I was photo sensitive (I stupidly didn't check with my doctor beforehand). If you want to use St John's Wort, which I highly recommend, go and see your doctor first beforehand and see if you are able to take it.

Here are some complimentary treatments for depression:


Here's to you feeling a lot better very soon.

Take care



Ah thank you that’s really helpful, I’ll look into these :) it runs in my family too actually & I sympathise, my parents have been through phases of caring for elderly relatives & it can be so demanding & put such a strain on things. Thank you for the advice & I hope you have luck in the job department soon :)

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You are welcome and I am pleased to see that even royalty are also involved in mental health i.e. William, Kate and Harry, it's so good to see. I'm really pleased that it's not a taboo condition anymore. :) Caring for elderly relatives isn't easy, I was fortunate as my mother cared for my dad when he was ill and my mother was very fit, healthy and independent when she was alive.

Yes I am certainly trying my very best to get a job.

All the very best and take care. :)




I believe Depression never leaves us...it just become easier to manage ...if you are taking the right steps for your situation.

For me, it feels like there is always a deep dark well right behind me that I can sink in and become apart from my world. There's a sense of comfort because then I dont have to care about myself and others because I am wallowing in this pit of melancholy.

Getting out of that and staying out of it has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

Is there any help I can offer with a specific issue you are having?


I do believe Depression has no cure but some people figure out how to manage it, then others might feel like they can't manage it. It depends on the person and all that they are doing to make sure they are putting their mental health first. I think we all individually have to discover ways that will help us cope with depression. If we can manage it somewhat well, then the symptoms might lessen and our moods improve. That is just a guess tho. Everyone is different. But don't give up stay positive and you will be alright. I'm here if you ever need to chat!😊

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Thank you Rick1on1 & Vonnah. My biggest problem is having to work when it gets bad, my boss is reaching the end of his tether as I’ve been much worse since a very bad car accident nearly 2years ago & my job is important & there’s only one other person at my work who knows how to do it all (By important I mean to the smooth running of the company, it’s not like lives are in danger or anything) my attendance has been very poor, I try my best but on the days it’s really bad I feel like I literally don’t have the physical strength to have a shower let alone get to work. & it’s also the unpredictability, one day I’ll be fine (to the outside world) the next I can be in floods of tears & unable to work. I do sympathise with my boss cos I’m good at the job but my attendance is unpredictable & is getting worse again, that puts him in a very difficult situation. I wish I could just take a long break but I really value my job & I have a mortgage to pay, if only I were rich so I didn’t have to work!


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