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Dry Throat


It’s been nearly six months and my throat is still dry. I’ve done a series of tests, gastroscopy, MRI, blood tests and have seen ENT doctors. They said the results came out normal. Now they are thinking it is anxiety related. I am upset that they think it’s all in my head. I’ve spoken to a therapist, and she said I don’t have a generalised anxiety disorder. She said I’ve got a focused one. How do I deal with this dry throat? It is affecting my life now. :(

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Hello pleased to meet you.

Sorry to hear this.

Symptoms vary anxiety many and these include the following .

As does stress.

Physical dry mouth, sweating, on edge itchy, rashes, papultations, thudding heart chest stomach pains.

Nauseau, sickness, shakes, shivers, cold felling hot, bowel issues tiredness.

Stress related anxiety most of the above plus neck pain, headaches, pain back joints muscles.

Migraine, excessive blinking.

Also are your drinking enough water.? Tea coffee are durietics which means causes elimination of fluid from the body.

Aim to drink more water . Diet include more fruit vegetables . Many high amounts water.

If your concerned mental health anxiety speak to these three organiations.

One therapist does not have the answers , trust me.

Taken me a lot of support solutions, answers research to find out my own issues.

Despite knockbacks sorted.

Websites mentioned mental health.




Useful they will inform you if you have anxiety or depression .

Please take care any thing you need to know ask me happy to answer be supportive

Thank you but i dont have sore throat. It feels like more of a dry throat and it is worst at night

Hello please can I suggest you read the information carefully not ever mentioned sore throat.

Please you have come on the website asking about a dry throat.

I can only offer what I know as a member who has expertise, knowledge and qualifications in food science diet, nutrition.

To me simple things can cause this cleaning teeth using mouth washes, salty foods many things.

Atmosphere home surroundings central heating.

Environmental .

Understand others smoking drugs medications alcohol.

Add in anxiety add in stress . Stress in my opinion is a major causes of dry mouth or throat and the responses to fear and fight.

I am just adding my own knowledge experience.

Final question how much water are you drinking if I can ask.

I drink to combat my own situation dry mouth dry throat which does happen.

Around five glasses a day includng hot water and before bedtime.

Thank you

If you suffer Anxiety, focused on various parts of the body. I was a smoker when younger and had a sore throat. And I would take cough sweets, Fisherman Friend although here you could try honey throut sweet that should calm your throat.

When I have a sore throat a spoonful of honey should also help give relief or have it with a spoonful of butter, that seems to work well

Give that a try and let me know how you get on


I don’t have sorr throat though

If your throat feels dry and you have had all the tests honey works for that as well, give it a try


I have tried honey too it didn’t work :(

It did start having a sore throat but now it just really feel dry and it gets worst at night

You could try antibacterial Losenges that may clear any infection, these can be purchase in chemists and supermarkets. Are you talking for long periods, Teachers and Instructors do have similar problems. When I was an Instructor/Community/ Youth leader I would get a sore throat and sometimes I would have a glass of water nearby Sometimes a glass of Apple Juice used to help especially if it was chilled.

When was the last time you had your teeth checked, sometimes that can show as a sore mouth or gums.

However sometimes if we have been talking all day that will cause problems.


Hello one final point please can I ask you to do the following.

Just done this.

Type in web, causes of dry throat.

Comes most of what I have said plus other reasons issues.

Thank you for this Mr Rigatoni

I drink lots of water

But sometimes I’m scared to drink more than 12 glasses

Have you had your tonsils and adenoids checked by your GP ??

Do you smoke ??


I dont smoke and i had tonsillectomy when i was a kid

Hi, you’re not on any medication such as lithium by any chance are you?

No. None at all

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