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Mental Illness Compassion - how do you bring up the dialogue to new people?

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I recently disclosed to someone I have a mental illness. I knew that my association with this person would be long term and rather than try to hide my symptoms and hope they would just assume I had quirks I took the chance to tell them about my disorder. I was lucky as this nice person was compassionate enough to ask questions and try to understand how it limits me. But this has not been the case and surprising to say but I have had better success talking about mental illness with others who have it who I never met like the wonderful people on HU or new people I meet. Many friends and some family have no interest in my disorder and feel it’s just a hole I dug for myself and need to figure out.

With Covid so don’t really get to meet new people so it’s been a while but when it resolves I think I going to be more open about my MHD.

Do you have an experience to share when someone was compassionate or not about your mental health disclosure?

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Sometimes sad to say the general public have problems relating to Mental Illness in those sufferers around them, it can frighten and unsettle them. That is sad because most Mental Illness is treatable or suppressed. People will recover

In some ways being honest can be the best way, it can in some instances show honesty, if the person feels unable to relate it is better they move on. It is their loss, not yours. However you can explain to them that most people with Mental Health Concerns will recover over time. However sometimes some suffers will eventually will recover over a extended period while others in the last group may suffer over a longer period. Some sufferers may have a minor attacks over a longer period of time. In most cases these attacks are not dangerous to the patient or their partners. People do recover.

I do have problems with some around me and family, they do try to take advantage of me and can be really unpleasant. Walk Away, if you can.


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Hey Sorry to hear that your family can take advantage of you at times. You are absolutely right about how it can be a long term illness that takes a lifetime to mend and I wish more people knew that - I will try to explain that to the people I meet in the future. I truly believe that so many of societies woes come from a lack of mental health support and acceptance. I wish you the best as you deal with others who know about your struggles.

Hello my friend.."honesty" always the best base for a new relationship of any kind.Sounds like ur talk went well n its a great start.

Dont be down on urself per family or others not understanding .As BOB said..there loss.. Be n speak with others that raise u up n not tear u down.

For one believes most of my med issues because Im not wearing a straight jacket or have a hump on my back n dragging a leg,lol.Mental illness is invisible like many illnesses n our society doesnt get it or know how to deal with it.

Stand tall my friend..fate will bring the good people into ur life for a reason n they will get it.😁😁

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Thanks! And for all your support and great reply too! Your words carry such a heavy weight when it comes to caring for ones self no matter what others say!

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Always here to help my friend.Ur a good person n others will see that too.😊

I had a really dear friend, we went away on long weekend breaks once a year, met up for coffee and chats. And I'd been having mental health problems where I'd self harm, take extra meds to release the pressure I'd been feeling in me. And one day while we were chatting I'd, mentioned how I'd been feeling, and that I was hospilized for trying to take my life, and I haven't heard from her since. So not everyone understands mental health, it still is a stigma, even thou it's always on the television, they just don't get it. I suffer badly with mood swings, and hate myself when I get them. So I really hope you find someone you can trust and open up to them, because talking about how your feeling will really help. My son says he understands but deep down I know he doesn't and that hurts, sometimes.

Thanks so much for sharing this. Thats just awful! This is what I feel most of us fear! I think it’s brave you tried to be honest about how you were feeling then and I hope you are feeling a bit better now. MI is still so taboo to many people that they just label those suffering with it as not normal and become dismissive not understanding the suffering. If you break a leg someone signs your cast but if you have a breakdown no one writes get well, brings you flowers, or hands you balloons, it’s just silence and strange looks. Sorry I misread what you wrote...I am sorry that your son does not understand you I hope over time he will.

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