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How do i determine that i have a mental disorder?


I'm new here, And I have always suspected I might have some sort of mental disorder but never actually got evaluated and gone through any sort of treatment, But lately the amount of negative thoughts that go through my head, My mood swings have gotten out of hand, and half the time i feel like my head is about to explode, I'm very emotional, and i feel like i am having a mental breakdown, I need help.

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Consider talking to your GP, a pathway may be introduced to help you

You sound young and there is an age limit on the site, how old are you ??


I'm 34

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As Bob has already said; you really need to speak with your GP and hopefully they will arrange for some form of psychiatric assessment. If you wanted to try and find answers yourself then I found that the Mind website has lots of very useful and easy to digest information on it - - just remember that self diagnosis is not a proper diagnosis and never replaces the help and support of professionals

Good luck x

Rule out any issues with alcohol/drugs as in a lot of cases this is exactly where the symptoms are coming from. I chased some kind of diagnosis for years but realised I was an alcoholic. I’m not saying you’re the same but one day hopefully I will be able to help someone smash their denial. Good luck with your journey mate 🙏🏼

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