Don't know what to do

I've been feeling extremely low and today I finally called my doctor's surgery earlier to schedule an appointment, but I was greeted with the news that the next available appointment is 2nd January. I know that it isn't the surgery's fault, but it's so disheartnening and I just don't know what to do.

I really don't feel like I can carry on life as usual whilst feeling the way I am but I just feel like there's nothing I can do. I know that medication (if prescribed) wouldn't make me feel better instantly anyway, but to know I have 17 days of just waiting to be seen whilst feeling this way is almost unbearable.

What can I do to get through the next 2 weeks whilst I wait?

I'm just at a complete loss...

(I wrote a post about an hour ago explaining the situation but for some reason it was deleted, I didn't use any negative language so I'm not sure why)

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  • Hi

    Does you doctors have a walk in surgery? If so would go to that, at our doctors you can go down before 10.30 and be seen on the day

    Jules x

  • Hi Jules,

    I don't think they do :( Their website just says:

    Reception opening times weekdays 8.30am - 6.00pm

    Saturday opening times 8.00am - 12.45pm by appointment only

    Monday to Friday morning bookable surgery appointments 8.30am - 11.20am

    Monday to Friday afternoon bookable surgery appointments 3.20pm - 5.30pm

    And nowhere else on the site can I find any information about a walk-in surgery. Thank you for your help though


  • Posts do have a habit of vanishing on this forum; you may well find it reappears again at some point! I understand the frustration you must be feeling. To actually get through the surgery doors to talk about depression takes so much determination and bravery. To be sent away to wait in limbo for two weeks is an awful feeling. As Jules says, my surgery have walk in until 10.30 too. The other thing you can do is ring the surgery, explain that it's a delicate matter and ask if you can have a few minutes to speak to a GP on the telephone. If they let you, grab the opportunity, take a deep breath and explain to the doctor that you're worried about how you're feeling and that waiting two weeks for an appointment is really going to exasperate the situation. I'm sure they'll be helpful. You're right in saying that tablets wont take effect immediately, but the placebo effect you get when you first start taking antidepressants often sees you through the first week or two while they kick in. The other thing you can do is to write a letter, mark it important and deliver it to the surgry for your GP to read. I hope you get it sorted because I would hate to have to wait that long x

  • I find phone calls and most interactions quite difficult because I have severe social anxiety, but I may try to do that tomorrow morning and see if there is anything he can do for me that's sooner than 2 weeks away. I wish I could ask for an emergency appointment but I just feel so ridiculous making a fuss about something that is essentially feeling down when there will be people who need an emergency appointment because they have a serious illness. I have a difficult time asserting any authority & I am rubbish at defending myself so I struggle seeing myself being insistent... it's just so frustrating :( Thank you for your help

  • Hi Clare,

    First, well done for making the appointment! I know from experience that's not an easy thing to do.

    Ask if they do same day appointments - ones that you can only book on the day if you ring up at certain times. I did that once when I couldn't stand to be at work any more. Don't take the website as gospel - I had no idea my surgery also did a walk-in clinic but it was running when I went there to get prescription last week, so evidently they do!

    What about reading up on some stuff before you go? I could give you some ideas, books on understanding how depression works, and on therapy treatments. I did that while I was waiting for my therapy, as it helped to feel like I was doing something useful and constructive rather than just waiting. Might also give you an idea what sort of therapies might help, as when I arranged psychotherapy, they asked what I thought would help and I didn't have a clue!

    I also have some exercises from a CBT course that I could pass over to you if you like to do in the meantime? They help to identify patterns of thought and what sort of activities help you. Up to you but I'm happy to send them to you if you like.

    Glad you posted again, would be nice to have more regulars about :)


  • Hi Themys

    In my mind right now I'm telling myself that I will ask for an 'emergency' (same day) appointment, but I don't know whether I'll actually end up following through with it. It's possibly my worst trait but I often just can't make myself do things like this as I just revert back to thoughts of "oh no, it's not significant enough"

    My sister tried to get an emergency appointment when she was ill a few weeks ago at our surgery and they told her on the phone that by the time they have time to answer the phone call, the appointments have all gone already, and that the people who physically go to the surgery to make an appointment end up getting them. I'm thinking that I should go to the surgery when it opens at 08:30 to ask. Darn the social anxiety making that simple task 700x more difficult.

    I sound like I'm feeling so sorry for myself, but I'm just at the point of giving up.

    That would be wonderful if you had any links or anything like that, thank you very much. I'm currently on the waiting list for CBT for the anxiety so I wonder how that will factor in with it all. Stressing about university & life at the moment though I really just want to be allowed medication, even if it's just for the meantime, because I know that I just can't manage like this anymore

    This is like word vomit... I just can't stop myself

    Thank you so much for your help


  • Hi Clare. That's far too long too wait if you are feeling Depressed.

    Clare you are an emergency so get yourself down in person and say how bad you feel and I'm sure you will get fixed up.

    Just focus on that, and at least then you feel you are using that burst of enthusiasm to get an appointment. Phoning for an

    Appointment when you are depressed is a mammoth achievement. Everyone has given you lots of advice so I

    Will shut up . Maybe write down a few of the important points

    So you won't forget them when you get to see the doctor

    Good Luck and let us know how it goes.


  • Your agreeing has definitely made me feel like less of a spoilt brat for wanting to be seen sooner - thank you

    I am going to make a plan for the day for myself just so I don't panic if something goes wrong. If I can't get an appointment I'm going to call up the NHS 24 hour line and just see what kind of advice I can get. Hopefully if I can't be seen tomorrow, I can at least be seen some time this week or next rather than in 2 weeks. I could deal with a few days but 17 just makes the whole thing seem so much worse

    Thank you for your advice


  • Themys are you bored with us .? Ah just joking .

    I am always amazed when I see how many members we have and it's such

    A tiny percentage of that number who post. I know it's not for

    The faint hearted. How are you ? Are you looking forward to

    The Xmas Break?

    Hugs to you


  • I think he actually is really bored with us. He'll probably change his profile picture to a really bored person or a potato or something! ;)

  • Yep, it's just moan, moan, moan with you lot - anyone would think you were depressed!! Ha, no, just that the people I've met on here have actually been fantastic, so would always be nice to get to know more!

    Bit stressed at the moment because of work - but I have two weeks off over Xmas so all will be good :)

    How is our resident wise owl?

  • Hi Clare

    I think you should definitely go there early and ask for an emergency appointment. I'd also suggest you write yourself some notes/ bullet points for when you see the gp to help you explain how you feel incase you struggle to get your words out

    Good luck with the appt and keep posting on here

    Jules x

  • I can't get the vision of mean receptionists out of my head, it's the thing that's making me so reluctant - I don't know why because they haven't been rude to me when I've called but it's just the cliche

    I will definitely try to go, I vow to get ready to go, and hopefully I'll feel calm enough to be able to go and make my way there. That's a good idea, I was also thinking of printing out a copy of a PHQ9 test that I completed online which actually recommended seeking help, so my GP can see what kind of things I've been dealing with

    Thank you for your support


  • Sounds like a good plan, good luck for tomorrow

    I've got my first counselling session tomorrow, so better take my own advise and take some notes with me!

    Jules x

  • Good luck with your counselling session, I hope it goes some way to help

  • Hi Jules didn't see you told Clare to write notes too. Great minds think alike. X

  • They certainly do! Better take my own advise and write down some notes for my first counselling session tomorrow

    Jules x

  • Know it's hard but you definitely need to push back on the two weeks - it's too long to wait.

    I have a vitamin B12 deficiency which means that after 2 months I just completely run out of energy and need an injection to perk me up. I was absolutely devestated a couple of weeks ago to be told that they couldn't fit me in for at least another 5 days ... and that day wasn't convenient because I was at work ... so made one for the next day. By the time I came to get the injection I was totally dead - couldn't really work because I didn't have the energy to think straight - and the nurse told me to demand that they squeeze me in that day next time.

    The fact that you feel as if you shouldn't be kicking up a fuss is a pretty strong indicator that you should be kicking up a fuss.

    Hope that you do manage to make it down there in person and get seen ... and also hope that your 6 get's turned headover heals soon and you find yourself on cloud 9 :)

  • I can see why they aren't inclined to just grant an emergency appointment at someone's wish but it really does make you feel like you're inconveniencing them so much when you genuinely need to be seen, it's just so frustrating

    To feel even slightly better within the next month would just be a relief. I've felt down for so long that I think positivity is pretty much an alien concept to me at the moment so bring on feeling better

    Thanks for your advice

  • Feeling incredibly anxious tonight. I really don't think I'm going to be able to do this

  • Yes you can! Remind yourself that it's just the anxiety talking. Break everything down into the smallest steps possible, hopefully that will make it easier. Good luck :)

  • I was too anxious to make it down there in person but by some miracle, I managed to get an emergency appointment with my own doctor (after asking for ANY doctor) by calling up. 10:10am today... can't believe the ball has now started rolling

  • Amazing! Glad you have an appointment. Post after you're back and let us all know how it goes :)

    I will get back to you about CBT stuff I mentioned and some worthwhile books to read - just replied quickly this morning so you knew someone had seen what you posted :)

  • Hello again. My reply was cut short and disappeared while typing. Don't know why but I hadn't finished! I was just about to give you the 24 hour helpline number for Mental Health Matters which can give you lots if support and advice. Please call them on. 0800 107 0160 or for mobiles 0300 330 5486. Before you go to surgery this morning and they will def help give you courage. You are being very strong by talking and actually recognising you need help. Please let us know how you get on. Remember everyone on here will be thinking about you this morning and sending you strength to get there. X

  • Your words are so kind & encouraging, thank you so much

    My appointment is 10:10am so I will be updating after this

    Thank you for your help

  • That's great that you have appt. Well done. Yay for you.


  • I am so relieved. Despite telling myself he wouldn't believe a word of it and would just tell me to cheer up, he was so supportive. He got me to fill out the PHQ-9 and from there he himself suggested medication, which I'm so relieved about because I was worried he'd suggest waiting for therapy, which I feel will be too long.

    He has put me on 10mg citalopram for now and wants to see me again in 2 weeks, which worked out perfectly because I had not yet cancelled the appointment I made yesterday for 2nd January, so it's like it's all just fallen into place. Always such a relief when things go your way rather than against you

    I feel weird saying I'm relieved I've been diagnosed with depression, but I'm sure you can all relate. It's just like someone else is finally there & believes how much of a tough time you're having rather than just going it alone

    Thank you all so, so much for your help & advice, I probably wouldn't have made an emergency appointment had it not been for your advice. I appreciate it so much


  • Really glad that it all worked out and you have been able to let go of some of the fear that people wouldn't believe you.

    Best of luck for 2nd of January

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