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Hi every one


Hi all, I'm new here, I'm looking for support with my mental health and help others and make friends! I've been struggling discreetly with depression and anxiety for what feels like an eternity.

I think it's nice to talk to others who are going through similar and understand what it feels like.

I feel like I've it Rock bottom lately I'm exhausted and fed up of trying to keep my head above water, I'm tired of pretending to be "normal"

I wish I knew what happiness really feels like and not be be so anxious every day.

I finally told my doctor how I am and I'm starting medication tomorrow.

I want to get better so much.

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Do you feel worse because of lock down?

Hello pleased to meet you.

Sorry to hear what you are going through.

I have mental health issues anxiety and depression.

Please may I suggest the following mental health charities.

All offer floating support advice on benefits support and related. Help information advice on your issues problems.

Welfare and social. Wellbeing health and anything else.

I used all three might not be in all areas. Of the UK if you reside in UK.

Any other countries please look on line resources community projects.

Self refer or speak to your GP.




Please if I can help or advise or be supportive with anything .

Please if you need some one to talk to happy to be listening.

Please take care

Welcome..i think u will find we r all pretty awesome here😁

I feel so lost, depression and anxiety ia hitting hard and not having friends is not helping

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