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Every morning I want to die


Guys I hate everyone around me and everyday I get up I just want to die I have so much of anxiety I married my husband but now I am bored there is no love in me for anyone at all I know I Being so bad but I am just not able to help it already my brother in law is divorced and I also want to but it will devastate my in laws so that’s why I am not able to take the step I think so so negative about everyone around me why can’t I be like others and love gosh I am so tired of myself don’t know what to do or what I want

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If you truly want out then get out just make sure it's just not your depression

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I don’t know if it’s depression I feel it’s in built mayb

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Do the right thing for you I suffer too I know how you feel

I got a divorce - the best decision I ever made and never regretted it -get out I say

After how long did u take it

I went after a year but I knew after 3 months, it wasn't going to work - I got out with my son

See the thing is I had a bad past and then my husband supported me and I got married to him but now I don’t feel love for him and his family as there are always fights in the family they are not my standard

My parents always fight but they trust each other and it is their way of showing anything because deep down they look after each other = care and love each other- if you have no feelings then you should get out.

Same with my brother's relationship, they fight but ultimately they remain together because of stronger emotions, trust, honesty and conversation

That's what you get from real emotions - from deep down understanding of one's emotions over another person feelings but they always have their own deep down emotions - subconscious and conscious brain - so you get into fight but is in understanding each other different viewpoint you get resolution

Marriage after a time can loose its sparkle, sad to say relationships change as we get on together with our joint lives, if we have children they can also cause a distraction and we all understand that. Our relationship however still means something We form a truce, marriage is like running a Company and we try to run it efficiently as we can. Life can be boring as mentioned above it is up to use to add various activities we enjoy together and that seems to work quite well for us.

Have you any interests you both enjoy various types of breaks, meeting people does help to reinforce the relationship does seem to work. We are members of various Societies also helps us with our interests of Historic Sites and Houses, gardens Castles etc, we have the same interests and that can make a relationship last

Do you have and joint interest you could do together. That is a different level in our relationship that prevents our relationship becoming Stale.

Have you tried to sit down and make positive plans where you reenter your marriage at a different level. Hobbies and diversions will help, something to look forward to. Marriage is not all Sex. How does your husband feel. ?

Try attending a Marriage Guidance Organisation so you can at least try and get your relationship back on track I am a Pensioner and we spend a great deal of time following our interests etc.

However if you need to move on, you move on, a separation and divorce just wastes resources.


It’s not as easy it is I am an aggressive person and I get hurt easily whatever my husband talk I don’t like the way he does and my brother in law is also weird and I am actually different and I feel these people are not according to me and I compare them with others as they are conservative but by heart they are nice at the same time their language is bad and my opinions doesn’t match but here in India it is though for a divorce I know all my mistakes but I am not able to accept them

My husband had no interests at all and I am full of adventure and our views don’t match

You need to talk, life can be boring if we just sit around and do nothing Activities do not need to be expensive,

If you feel the need to consider a change you may be able to get His interests aroused.

Even just going for a walk together that can help.

Generally we are always busy, and we spend all our time together


This the problem here my mother in law is so much o to my husband that she wants to know everything and she expects a lot that I cook and do things which I don’t like

I had a family where My Mother would call my wife. When she came to see use you could see she was not happy with what was given, and would sometimes look for things wrong, however in those days I did most of the cooking and we had not the heart to tell Her.

Now I prepare the food and Hazel cooks it and presents it. My Mother was toxic.


What can you do to help yourself, write things down, work it out, is it the marriage or the depression, go into nature, meditate, talk to someone, get some help, even if it’s talking to a friend, there’s lots of books out there too, good luck x

That’s what I don’t feel like because I am in a house where there is conservativeness and I am modern girl I am so so depressed I can’t tell

Wishing you the best! You have to make yourself happy!

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How do I do that because I am always sad no matter what I get

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