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Thankyou to the kind people who replyed . life is hard i will try my hardest not to give up , my doctors seem to look threw me , i tell them chronic pain and deppresion is a invisable illness which only i can feel and ive lost my way in life . I feel like a jigsaw puzzle and need putting back together .

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Hello pleased to meet you sorry to hear this.

I have mental health myself depression and anxiety. Only some suggestions some valuable information and some general advice.

Please consider if the Doctor you have is not helping or being understanding.

You have a right to ask an advocate to attend with you.

I use these a lot might not be in your area but I am going to suggest some other lines and support will be useful and do the same.


Offers an advocate service. Useful because it them who give the opportunity to discuss things you may have have never discussed before.

They do help and consider please looking at them.

Works every time had a Doctor talk to me if I am a child and had no idea of my past . My back ground in volunteering experience and much more in mental health.

Once explained by advocate now consults me.

One other you have to leave find another surgery if you think may be helpful.

Understand with any mental health you need professional help and support.

These are mental health charities.

Details here.



They offer floating support advice guidance on mental health dealing with additional problems.

Including anything you have many aspects of your life will look at . Including employment, wellbeing, health issues.

I am sorry about chronic pain.

Often this a problem I know my self have had addiction clean but mental health pain remains.

Action on Pain , the other one I believe called Away with Pain.

Both I can not find on line used to be whether closed down to COVID 19. Please if you wish have a search.

I know if you do contact any of the mental health charities have inside advisors on wellbeing health.

Please if I can help with anything need to ask or need a chat please get in touch.

Happy to listen be supportive.

Please take care

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Many thanks i hope u are ok yourself i will keep in touch and update you.

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Hello thank you for reply thank you asking not good myself but a pleasure to help some one else.

Happy to do so just makes my day.

Please take care

Glad to see your back today posting.😁

Yeah..doctors always act like we r lying about our chronic pain n depression..so freakin annoying n angers me so much.

Listen..thats why there r great forums like this one that helps people like us get thru our days with all our med crap.

We care.

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