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working from home, feeling low, self harm **trigger warning


anyone else working from home, and feeling really low?

The current situation in the world doesn't help, and before we went into lockdown I felt alright now everyday has becoming a struggle again. I'm getting little pleasure out of things, loss of interest in things I used to enjoy. Today was a really bad day I started having intrusive thoughts (which ive not had in a long time) about cutting myself. I'm.tryna come of my anti d's and don't want to go back up a dose

im just tired of the constant headache. more just to rant but if anyone else suffering and could suggest anything?

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You have to start realising what is good for you and what is bad - acknowledge the power of positive thinking and try to dwell your mind on that. You should not enjoy the relief after self harm and dwell on injury and then sadness that comes with it rather than the pleasure - reality and recognise the real feeling you have- Does that help?

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thanks indieabc! when I was in therapy last year 9/10 i don't have the confidence to do it its just the really strong intrusive thoughts. i try to think like you say it's really hard

Pre lockdown, what types of things would help to keep your mind in a healthier place?

thanks cephalopod means a lot! for me it was seeing people i have zoom meets with my friends tho I just don't thinks it quite cutting it. i just hope this will be over soon

I fully empathise that’s it not the same thing, but it is where we are. I make sure I plan at least one video call per week, that way I know I’m seeing a friendly face. I stay in touch through WhatsApp like before, because keeping connections is of the utmost importance right now. Thank you for sharing here, we are a lovely community and is great that we can lean on each other.

I also have an alarm on my phone for the same time everyday to remind me to do something kind for myself. My activities include eating cake (huge sweet tooth!), having a bath, sitting in the sun. It’s just a reminder that I should do something that acknowledges my worth. I don’t manage it everyday, but the alarm is there to nudge me.

Do your friends know of your mental health?

hi cephalopod i think that's a really good idea! some of my close friends and my manager at work im not sure why i feel this way but i don't like telling everyone? I really can't explain why

I am similar- I can see this post is dated- I hope you're feeling a little steadier atm. I'm just falling back into old habits- self harm, intrusive thoughts, self hate. Taking partin all the suggested activities- picking up an old hobby, zoom meetings with friends. I'm very, very tired of the intrusive thoughts. I've tried hypnotherapy, CBT, talking talking talking. Is it just something you learn to live with?

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