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Does anyone else experience this ?


Wow where do I start ! I’ve had mental health problems for years on and off ! I’m a 31 year old Mum of two kids and recently I just feel like I’m going to have a heart attack or something I keep getting palps now and then and stomach flips I feel things in my body which I don’t know if I’m imagining or there really there ! I worry about my health all the time and constantly feel worried and down it’s hard to feel that I am ok when I’m experiencing these physical symptoms that I know I’m probably getting due to anxiety ! Honestly wish I could feel normal for a few days like everyone else

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Sorry to hear that. I have schizophrenia as well (strangely... ... .) I have been experiencing some random pains in my chest, feet, lower legs and this morning even in my hands (they're still hurting lol) though it's been a while since the last random pain. The chest stuff has been fully checked out and there was no explanation apparent. I hope to experience less deliberate pain in the future.

Don't mean to sound down I actually have come to find it pretty funny (except stomach pain that's really nasty, or when it's so bad I can't really walk). I am unsure if anxiety could be a cause having not looked into thattt

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Thanks for your reply ! I’m not sure about the pain you are experiencing but anxiety does strange things to our bodies ! The stomach pains could be anxiety and the digestive system plays up when we are anxious ! It’s funny that I suffer daily but know everything about anxiety and depression but can’t help myself x


You will possibly be suffering Anxiety, Looking after young children can be hard work and you need to learn how to control this unpleasant condition

You can try Mindfulness, that may help. This Relaxation Technique covers various othe activities that will hopefully help.

Talk and explain your problems with your GP, write down your symptoms and any other problems that are affecting you, this will gain you more time, also help you not to miss out any salient points that may help,


Thanks for your reply ! Oh yes I do suffer anxiety very much so and depression have been hospitalized with panic attacks the lot haha ! It’s just when the physical symptoms happen it makes things seem more real and prolongs the suffering x

I started out in my late twenties with heart palpations. I had them every day and I was a nervous wreck. I had two kids and I was sure I was dying. This was so long ago there wasn't a name for it, my Doctor didn't know what was causing it but he did do a heart work up and assured me mine was fine. Anti depressants weren't around either nor did we have home computers. So no Google. I went to the library and didn't find any information. I lived with it until I decided if it was going to kill me it probably would have by know and I started trying to live a normal life I did develop more symptoms...dizziness, shaking legs,head pressure.It is amazing the meaningless symptoms the body can come up with. I ended up on antidepressants and in therapy after many years. I did recover from it. Don't be down hearted, you can get over this and there are many people here to heip. Pam

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Thank you for your reply ! It’s horrible I get them worse at night when I lie on my left side too and yeah ur right ! I am under quite some stress just now will probably have something to do with this too x

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It is very hard I know to ignore them which is what I was told to do. I really couldn't. I had forgotten this when I replied before but my Dr. put me on a Beta- blocker. You might enquire about them. It did help me, I had fewer palpations and they were less strong. There is another site on here, it Atrial Fibrillation, it does cover palpations. And the beat goes on.... Pam

Health Anxiety can be horrible, if the problem is worse at night there are treatments that may be able to help. Have you been given coping techniques when in Hospital. If not ask your GP if He can arrange assistance for you

I would try and change the side you sleep on, hopefully you will get used to it given time.


I have coping methods sometimes they don’t work ! Depends how far into a depression I am ! I just try and make it better every day

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