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The reason I make all so many spelling errors is because I’m Dyslexic


Just saying, kind of like for your personal consideration record 🙏🏻 what happens more than less every time, I write something I give it the once over but more like the 5 over and from what I can see I detect nothing wrong no typos no spelling mistakes, so I move on and post it. It is then after posting it the mistakes start appearing as if out of nowhere lol and there you have it a true dyslexic

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So is my brother! But he is a good talker and always has interesting stories so gets on well with people and in life.

Same as 🙏

Listen its all good,no biggie, but im sure its really frustrating.ive had so much head trauma it takes me longer to look over my posts before posting them,then actually writing them.We all get it.

Thank goodness for the "edit" button lol

Neuroplasticity youtube when your brain starts working differently and you make it work better and smarter, my son has Autism and he's works differently - he figures things out differently - different brain cells start working and how to make more brain cells.

Nobody's looking at the spelling mistakes, it's who you are that matters, you express your self well, and you sound like a nice guy. My sons dyslexic and when he's texting a word he's not sure he will speak to his phone and it writes it for him.. It's just writing down your feelings and expressing yourself that matters, so you carry on the way your doing, your doing great.

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