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I have been off work for other flu, 2nd week off sick now have an ear infection sent sick note in and hope to be back Monday, feel like a fraud but I am washed out and need my energy back. Got this awful feeling about going back to work, I am only temporary but I am struggling , I have this fear of facing everyone, I need someone like a family member or my husband to physically take me to the door and make sure I go in, why so hard to do :(

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  • Hi there, sorry your ill, try not to feel guilty about having Flu, it's not your fault, we can all get ill at times, Concentrate on getting well and lots of TLC and when you are feeling better you might feel better about going back to work.

    When we are ill our mood tends to drop, When I was quite Depressed I wouldn't feel this anxiety about going to work, oh I did go of course as I had no one else to support me. But I am retired now so I'd t have that strain. I put this feeling down there Depression and anxiety, sometimes it wasn't too bad an dother times it was, but hey it never killed me. My advice if any is NOT to feel guilty and just take things day by day, don't project into the future.

    Get well real soon.


  • Thank you Photogeek I am getting hassle off my husband saying they will sack me, I have done everything above board and I am genuinely ill x

  • Your husband's reaction is completely unhelpful. What is he doing to make you feel better?

  • He means well but he is worried I won't go back as I have a tendency to panic about going back and have left jobs as it's easier, but I have certainly not been up to doing anything and I feel low because of this flu thing, I have lots to do for Christmas and this delays me.

  • Angel, I'm speaking simply from my own experience. I know that the flu makes me feel very depressed and even tearful. I've only had the flu twice in my life and it is dreadful. I totally understand your apprehension and fear about going back to work. In our work culture these days, people feel like they have to, "soldier on" - however, I'm sure that your workplace's own policies would say that, when you have an infectious virus - please stay at home and don't give it to your co-workers. If you can make it back to work, I really think that you will feel a hundred times better after the first day back, than you do now. It's normal to feel worried. I will be thinking about you and wishing you well. Wen x

  • Thank you Wen I will let you know Monday when I am due back, I am a temp and I feel I have let them down xx I should just get try and be positive

  • You go back to work and you are still ill you will spread it around everyone else.

    I had my flu injection several months ago as a Pensioner and I was worse because of it.

    Strange Life


  • Hi angel its a reaction that the longer you stay away from work the worse you feel ! Believe me ive been there i find that when im working its hard to start back i would suggest explain to your doctor your fears and ask him for something short acting to help you start back work i hope things work out for you take care david

  • I wish I could just not be off in the first place, my sick note runs out Monday so I will need to be going back

  • Maybe, like David suggested, it might be a good idea to share your concerns with your doctor before you go back?

  • Hi Angelmarrow,

    I wonder if we can look at this a bit differently. I took the liberty of browsing your other posts and noticed that:

    1. You are ill very often.

    2. You have an anxiety problem.

    3. There is a relationship problem.

    Have you considered your weakened immune system as a consequence of depression? I know that when I am down, the odd cold or flu is quite common. If this is a possibility then besides treating your current ailment, you should also be speaking to a doctor about meds for depression.

    Have you spoken to a doctor for your anxiety? You may need the help of a psychiatrist to get to the root problem. Self-esteem is a likely cause.

    Lack of support in your marriage is mentioned in a couple of times in your post. This can be a cause for both depression and anxiety. If you feel your relationship can add value to your life in the future, then you should be doing something about it. I recently finally said goodbye to a 13 year relationship and already feel like a weight has been lifted. Sometimes starting fresh is best.

    The following is tips that are a common thread from the community here. Maybe you can use some to bring some assistance:

    - keep a journal of your feelings and moods. share this with your doctors.

    - connect with nature and/or animals. You know the saying, "A dog is man's best friend". Connecting with our natural world bring comfort to many.

    - volunteering your time to a cause helps us to relate with others in a meaningful way.

    - massage if you have physical pain

    Hope this helps?


  • Thank you Rich I never really thought about my immune system and the problems it causes. I need to get the help I need as I don't know who I am anymore, I feel so weak and I look a mess, I don't take pride in my appearance hardly ever. I was on citalopran but came off them, had a years worth of counselling which did help but now I need more.

  • All the best Angel!

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