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Anyone have serious health issues going into a new year struggling to think positive


Hello I’ve recently found out I might have endometriosis I’m struggling because this past year as been hell and was supposed to be the best year of my life in March I got engaged and in April I started having terrible pelvic pain and other personal issues this impacted on my work as I couldn’t go in as I couldn’t walk I then found out I was pregnant and misscarried in September and now still have pain doctors are no nearer to diagnosing me and I may have to go private the pain is only getting worse I don’t no how I can cope keep living with this it’s now affecting my relationship etc and pain every day

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I’m so sorry to hear this. You’re speaking to my past. It was very difficult.

My daughter has endometriosis and PCOS. I hurt for her. I hurt for you.

I don’t understand why they haven’t diagnosed but I’m very sorry about your miscarriage. It’s a hard thing. I had two.

Please keep moving forward. This is not ‘the’ thing that defines you it’s ‘a’ thing within the definition of you. This is one of your mountains. You can survive the climb. I had three children then a hysterectomy. This is not the only thing in my life that caused chronic pain.

Please join a group to help you every step of the way. Don’t let it be your definition.


Thankyou for your kind words I feel like I’m not going into the new year positively as things keep happening I didn’t have as good a Christmas as I would have liked because of the pain but put on a brave face my mum is 52 with Vascular dementia and it’s hard to stick to her appointments and my own as I’m her only carer .and my only brother found out he has a rare cancer at age 29 which keeps growing back I feel like I have so many issues going on but the endometriosis is just getting worse every month and I no longer feel like the girl I used to be bubbly and always had goals and very popular now no friends and forced to find another job where I can sit instead of stand long hours and I worked hard to get where I was and now it’s meaningless been off work since September due to ill health

I’m so sorry.

My son says people including me fall apart in a cycle. We fall apart and spend time putting ourselves and lives back together. Then we cruise and boom! Another cycle. I go in 5 year cycles. He’s so right.

My point is not to focus on the pinnacle that starts the cycle. It’s a stage that you then move on from. Don’t think another won’t come but enjoy the time between.

It’s how we learn to be resilient survivors and how to help others which helps ourselves.

Keep moving forward. There are great therapies to help you.

Sending you love and strength my luv.

Thankyou for that it gives me some strength that I at least will move on from this as each day passes and there may be something good to come of it xx

Wow... I have similar history to you. The pain. Omg the pain. I could write a book, but I really just wanted to tell you that the only way I survived the last 13 years has been with having “mirena “ - an IUD that prevents my period in me. I first had surgery to kind of clean out the massive blood clot cystits that had grown in me, and also had my first iud inserted. I finally got my life back. No period pain because no period. At the same time I wasn’t amassing more clots and whatnot.

I won’t lie - I couldn’t possibly gloss over the mental stress that came from endo and infertility. But now, 13 years later, I am at the closest place to peace I have been in what feels like a lifetime. I am mom (through adoption) to MY daughter and a few dogs too. And I cannot imagine it any other way. If you told me all this back then, I would never believe I could be so content. But I am. I am in love with my family so much.

Afrohair in reply to Alliea79

I’m really pissed and fed up luckily I have children but in a previous relationship was planning a baby with my current partner when this all started I’ve been put on the pill but it’s just getting worse the bleeding is not stopping now I’m bleeding daily rather than monthly

Alliea79 in reply to Afrohair

Yup- the pill was a nightmare. I actually had a crazy doctor who had me taking TWO pills a day!!! Eek..... I can’t for the life of me figure out why I suffered so long.

Afrohair in reply to Alliea79

Luckily I’ve had to go alone as docs won’t pay attention to my pain and I’ve found a specialist but i might not be able to afford the surgery as it’s got so bad affecting my bowl I have all sorts going through my head like what if I can’t have more kids cause this condition has got so bad

Afrohair in reply to Afrohair

I’m wondering if I should have the Mirena but I’m scared to have it put in as I’ve got so many problems what if I’m all stuck together 😣and they can’t do it

Alliea79 in reply to Afrohair

Ughhh. I hear you. I had I think it’s called an “endoscopy “ that first finally showed my situation. That sucked. It sucked to hear I could never get pregnant. It sucked to be in pain every month. But it is all part of my past and history and none of it killed me, I guess ;) sending you the best of all wishes

Afrohair in reply to Alliea79

Wow I’m so sorry but glad you are now at peace and look forward to the time I can find some calm in myself I’ve had lots of ultrasounds the next step will be an mri then possibly a laparoscopy but it goes on so long I could be waiting a year for a lap

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