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The smallest thing can put me into a mood, does anyone else have this?


Last year, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and mild depression, but I've always had this thing where the smallest thing that I see go wrong/not the way I want sends me into this mood and I either verbally lash out at people, or sink within myself for a few hours.

I don't know what to do as it is starting to affect my relationship (it did with my old one too) and I want to stop it, I just don't know how.....

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Hi Fraden

Welcome to the site. You will meet others I'm sure who have had the same experience. I'm not sure how much I will be able to help you, as I

Don't have that temperament myself. Have you always been this type of short

Fuse person or is it just since you were diagnosed with Depression

I think everyone without or with Depression has very different personalities. I

Myself don't get angry or lash out but I have worked with people who did and it

Did cause them a lot of problems in work. Also it would be very hard to live with

A short tempered person.

Maybe counselling to see where this anger is coming from, but you are right to

Take it seriously , I'm sure there will be others on line later who might be able

To say what they think too.

Also if you take a bit of excercise to get your anger out too, that might help, or

Relaxation such as Mindfullness could help. But I'm sure talking this over

Too could help you, but if this anger is getting worse would you talk to your

Dr. As he could refer you for the correct therapy. I think you have made a

Good step by accepting this part of you and starting to address it.


Suspect it is quite common with anxiety.

Something I can relate to. The anger may be about 'attack being the best form of defense', or it could be that it is to do with the change cycle - as your mind realises that the path it had mapped out isn't going to work there are always moments of anger, and denial and if you are an anxious type then I think even small things can tip you.

Are you taking anything for the anxiety and depression because that might help, but understand if you are not keen on medication as an answer?

Mindfulness meditation might work - about being more aware of what your thoughts are and getting to a point where you control them rather than them controlling you. Can recommend "Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world" which is based on MBCT (Mindfulness based cognitive therapy) course which is used to help people with depression and anxiety.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I suppose I always have been a short fuse person. It can really be the littest thing that puts me in the foulest mood for hours on end. When I was diagnosed with depression, I was referred to counselling,which I went to, and it last a few months. It got to a point where I was feeling a lot better, but I would still have the mood swings. They seem to be getting worser and worser though, and I don't want to push anyone away because of it.

I think medication might be the next logical step to be honest

Why not try medication Fraden, I certainly would as it could help to balance

Out your moods, you have nothing to lose.


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