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I've just given up


I've just given up,my life is a complete disaster,I'm at rock bottom,I've been suffering severe depression for 28 years,I don't remember last time I had a comfortable nights sleep,my mood changes like the wind,I get frustrated at the slightest thing,I've become a social outcast,I can't interact with anyone,I hardly ever go to work,I feel constantly tired and lethargic,I can't concentrate on anything,I've had numerous breakdowns,I have no family,I have no friends but the final straw is my partner of 10 years has given up on me,has been seeing someone behind my back and has thrown me out,I'm writing this from a hotel room I've been staying in for the last 4 nights,it's like a prison cell,I haven't eaten or slept for 4 days,I haven't left the room,I can't,I've been prescribed anti depressants but nothing has changed in fact I feel worse

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I can't really understand what you are feeling, but I ain't tip top myself for various reasons, made a mega dumb decision jobwise & am in a financial nightmare which is dragging me down & causing daily arguments with my husband, which I hate & I made a huge error @ work today, which I hope don't cost me my job early or the chance to be taken on in the New Yr if that was an option

Right now, I'm trying to find a little positive thing each day to try & be a tad happy about, even if it means putting on my "happy work face" all of the time & hiding my true feelings as talking about it causes arguments to

Take small steps to put your life back on track and calm down and relax with mindful meditation - which should also help you to concentrate. Try reading motivational quotes or watching google motivational youtube

Hi Np77, I recognise the place you’re in. I was there myself a while back. It was like being in an emotional grave. Terrible. I understand that it’s difficult to be around us when we’re so down. It took a long time, but for me keeping a journal helped. I just poured everything into it and gradually the darkness retreated. CBT helped too, but I had to pay for it privately. I trained in NLP for 2 years and the peer to peer therapy was what really saved my life. From there, I trained in hypnotherapy and helped people who were like I had been. Hold on, that corner you can turn will come. Thinking of you.

I understand your pain and I feel for you. Just try and shower, dress, eat something and go out for a short walk for now, 1 inch at a time things will improve, find things to be greatful for

It may be an idea to Telephone 111 NHS Information and explain what has happened, they may arrange a Crisis Team to see you and see if they can help

Make an appointment with your GP, explain what has happened, make a list to explain your problems. Did your Partner own the property or was it in joint names, if that is the case you would have as many rights to stay in the home as you do.

You need to start looking for somewhere too live, the Local Council could be informed and a half way property may have a place as you wait an look for a new proerty.


I'd say your at a point with no ties of any sort where you could do something drastic and wild with your life :) live on a boat and catch lobster, live in the snowy mountains and become a ski instructor, open a restaurant, you've got no strings, so your free to find something you love and put your whole heart into it. I wish you all the best. Have an adventure ☺️


I feel like reading you story is mine

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