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To keep a doc or to dump him

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I use a teddy bear to cope with my autism. Teddy is my ability to self soothe. So he is the only thing that helps with sensory cognitive or emotional overload or shutdown. He also keep from getting to overwhelmed. I need him. I hate it but I do. If I don’t have him I don’t self soothe I hit myself how is that better Or I bolt. Or I meltdown. Those are scarier. My psych nurse thinks he is socially inappropriate. She doesn’t support me. Teddy is my coping mechanism. He is protected under ada. I need her help. What should I do

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Anything that helps is great news - my son keeps a toy caterpillar and he's 18 year old

Well..i just fired my new doc of 2 days.I don't have time or energy to deal with docs that don't want to help or have a problem with how I do my life n get by.

Sounds like ur teddy helps u...thats all that matters.Tons of docs out there..maybe u can find a better fit for u

If the teddy bear helps calm you I totally disagree with her.

You should also, you know what you need to get through the day. What gives her the right to make that decision for you?

Is the teddy keeping you from socializing? Is that her argument?

No he does not he actually allow me to

Good then keep him

Teddy Bears, what is wrong with having one of those, if it keeps you calm and helps to relax, fantastic. To be honest sometimes I wonder if we get more sense from this furry fellow than some humans.

If anyone says any different, and says it is either politically wrong, they can go and jump. Your Teddy bear will calm and help you when you feel confused or Anxious.

We have various bears that sit at the bottom of the bed, and a further two that both travel with us when we go abroad, Those two have traveled the Silk Road with us over China. They are there as mascots and were introduced to China Customs and Excise, and Xrayed to.

Your CPN need to be more sensitive of your needs, and not be so critical of your needs

Political Correctness gone mad ? Whatever helps you, great do not be discouraged.



You said it best: Teddy is supported by the ada...if that isn't good enough for your nurse, she isn't a good enough nurse...that goes double for your doctor, if he sides with the nurse.

You know you better than anyone else...why abandon something that works for you? You know that old saying: if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Stay with what works, until someone comes along with a cure...

Keep the faith and your focus! You know what you are doing, and you deserve support!

Hello :-)

Like others have already expressed I am shocked at the attitude of the nurse

If this is what helps you then keep it and keep using it , a teddy is doing no harm , I really am not sure where she is coming from

You stick with what works for you :-)

Take Care x

It is not up to a mental health professional to decide what is appropriate! Keep your teddy, we all need ways to self-soothe. However you might also talk a lot more about how teddy helps you and how you feel at the thought of life without teddy - I imagine teddy protects you from feelings of distress and perhaps anger too - those feelings may feel dangerous to you but talking about them isn't damaging to you or to others so do try to share them. For a long time in my life - during childhood and then again much later in adulthood while going through therapy - I turned to a teddy, gradually over time I came to understand that I turned to teddy because I felt there wasn't anyone else to turn to, and once I learned that other people could comfort me then gradually teddy become less necessary, I have other people in my mind to soothe me. I think you can also find that internal care and peace if you talk with teddy more and then talk more about teddy's importance to you. If the psych nurse doesn't understand you then ask to be referred to someone else.

My vote goes to Teddy. You're lucky to have him. Maybe that nurse would be a little kinder if she had a Teddy of her own.Pam

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