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My Doc has given me Amitriptyline.

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I posted a couple of days ago about being petrified of taking Citalopram.I went to the Doc yesterday about my low weight as there are concerns.She perscribed Amitriptyline as she said other AD's can make you feel sicky.Any help and advice would be appreciated.Please help as i am stiill struggling x

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Hi Shellby163,

Amitryptiline is a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA), which nowadays is not usually given for anxiety or depression, as there are more effective SSRIs/ SNRIs on the market. Generally, Amitryptiline is given as a muscle relaxant in chronic pain conditions at night, to help improve sleep. The trick with TCAs (Nortrytiline is another) is to take them 12 hours before you have to get up in the morning, for instance, if you need to get up for work at 7 am, take the TCA at 7 pm the night before, don't take it just before bedtime. This will reduce the hangover effects some people experience in the morning.

I recently gave you a link to the Electronic Medicines Compendium, so put a search for Amitryptiline in there and it will give you both the pharmaceutical information and the Patient Information Leaflet pdf (PIL). Read it thoroughly, and familiarise yourself with administration, doses, precautions, safe administration etc. As with all ADs you need to give it at least 4-6 weeks before you should feel the benefits, and don't suddenly stop taking them as this may cause a rebound effect; you will need to be slowly weaned off them by your doctor.

Hope this helps,

Best wishes

MAS Nurse and Moderator

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Thankyou for your reply.Still in a state on what one to take with least side effects.I have weight loss issues and dont know the best med to take.How will my body cope x

I take this TCA for Nerve Damage, a side effect of the medication. The drug can be prescribed in small doses and these days GPs may prefer more modern alternatives. The drug was prescribed in the first place for me by Pain Clinic. Generally SSRI type medications like Citalopram. are preferred and more effective.

A further use of Amitryptiline is if used as a sleeping tablet on a reduced dose, I now take 50mg about one hour before bed, that relaxes tendons nerves etc and I sleep. Try not taking them during the day. Take them with a small amount of milk that will help you swallow and get rid of the taste

Consider not eating for two to three hours before sleep, this will prevent your tummy churning and possibly keeping you awake.

Are you also still taking Citalopram ?


Ps Excuse spelling

Thankyou for your reply.No i have not started either Citalopram or Amitriptyline.I am still un decided what to do.I am still a mess x

You need to start your journey Shellby trust your Health Professionals and take the pathway offered to you.

Citalopram works for me I have been on them ten years or so, I have got used to them and I will need to take both medications for the rest of my Life. This does not mean you will be in the same position, most people only need these types of medication short to medium term

Allow five weeks or so for your Citalopram to work and side affects hopefully will eventually reduce as you begin getting better ?.

Your other medication will help with sleep very quick, so there you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. You will not get better, looking at the drugs on the sideboard.


Thankyou for your reply.It is just getting my head around taking them and the side effects.I know what i have to do but it taking them x

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Hi Shellby I never have replied to a post before but thought my experience might help you - I started my Citalopram 4 weeks ago at 40mg - I was feeling very suicidal and anxious and depressed - I was not sleeping and couldn’t eat either - I really began to think I couldn’t go on but with the support of my family and prayer I started to feel better after 2 weeks of taking my antidepressant and now at 4 weeks in I feel like I have turned a corner - I’m eating better and my sleep is slowly coming back to normal - I am going to my doctors today as I was also prescribed amitriptyline and think taking them at night might give me the longer rest I need to look after my family as I have nerve pain due to fibromyalgia- I will let you know what he says - hang in there things will get better - don’t be too hard on yourself you are not alone and try not to be afraid 🙂

I only took this drug for a very short time as it made me really drowsy the following morning. There are much better anti depressants out there if that's what you were prescribed it for. My mum also takes it for a nerve blocker but in a very low dose. She finds it usuful as it helps with her pain and makes her sleep. Hope this helps.

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shellby163 in reply to snakey

I have been perscribed Amitriptyline and Citalopram at different times.Not sure which one to take.I n a right mess deciding what to do.Thankyou for replying.

I used it a few years ago , small dose for few months .It really helped , no side effects when I stopped using it

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shellby163 in reply to Paulina21

Thankyou for your reply x

Amitriptyline, I’m referring to

Have u thought about Chinese medicine.. acupuncture.. or medical marijuana??? Could ur low weight be from how ur feeling mentally n ur not interested in food??? Im underweight and have been a VERY long time. Also.. if ur dealing with physical problems like pain or etc.. u might not want to eat either.Plus.. the biggest culprit could just be ur meds.. a lot of meds are known to give u a loss of appetite. Chinese medicine and acupuncture looks at another approach to ur health n in a healthier way... and I think quicker and quicker results.For me.. medical marijuana has helped me with ALOT.It cant cure anything I have but it does a hell of a lot more than any pill did for me ever.Best of luck to ya.:)

No i have not thought about Chinese medicine but i have thought about accupuncture.I dont want to eat but i guess i have to.My low weight is due to my anxiety.I have not taken any meds yet as i am petrified of them.Thank you for your reply x

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