Are you asking if anyone is on Amitriptyline for depression?

If so, I am. This is the second time I've been on Amitriptyline. I find it very good and I hardly get any side effects apart from the drowsy feeling in the morning on initiation of treatment. That seems to continue if I up my dose.

The usual dose for depression is 75-150mg per day, either is divided doses or a single dose at bedtime - although I take mine at about 7pm.

It is a useful medicine as it is used for many other things too, like migraine prevention, anxiety and chronic pain control.

Some GPS can be reluctant to prescribe as it is an 'older' type of antidepressant. But I made an informed decision and decided I wanted to try it as my sleeping was awful at the time when my twins were about 12 months old. I had severe exhaustion and post natal depression. GP listened to my reasons and somewhat reluctantly prescribed it. I am glad she did as I have tried 3 SSRIs and venlafaxine and I find Amitriptyline works for me.

It is not right for everyone, pre-existing health conditions esp to do with the heart is usually not recommended for Amitriptyline.

I have read a lot about it and it is as efficacious as other antidepressants and sometimes gets better results but like I said as it's 'old' and less favourable side effect profile it's not widely prescribed anymore.

But I love it, it works for me.

Much love ❤️

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  • Lucky you. Yes it's an excellent drug but more side effects and contraindications than ssri s.

    It's still widely used for chronic pain and chronic headaches

  • Yes my main side effect is weight gain but I am prepared for that this time so I am watching what I eat.

  • Hi Clazzy78

    I have taken Amitriptyline (100 - 150) a night for the last 10 years for pain control and as the lyrics go, 'The drugs don't work', well not for me. I get in my wheelchair in the morning in pain feeling drained from the drug, and then get out to go to bed in pain but wide awake, but then is this just me being bloody minded because I'm expecting too much from them when really they are suppose to take the edge off the pain not take it away. I have opiate pain killers which should do that, but not effectively.

    At my last session I asked the Psychotherapist why if taking Amitriptyline for pain relief it hadn't felt any help with my Depression and PTSD. I was told it was an old drug and generally not prescribed and had been superceded by more effective anti-depressants over the years. My therapist hinted the reason Amitriptyline possibly was not having an effect on me was due to the level of my PTSD and this type of antidepressant would be inappropriate to treat me.

    But all in all, for how tired, drained and crap I feel each morning and constantly being kept awake at night with PTSD because they are ineffective, then falling asleep during the day in my wheelchair, not being coherent, struggling to have a life, therefore is taking Amitriptyline really worth it anymore, I want my life back, so I'm considering stopping it. But I know whatever they prescribe next might be twice as bad. Ever decrease circles.

    Best wishes. 👋

  • I am sorry it doesn't help you. I take it for anxiety and depression.

    If you are thinking about stopping I would suggest coming down very slowly. I came off from 75mg and had to come off so slowly, like 25mg reduction for 2weeks, then about 10 mg every 2 weeks until I got down to 20mg, then I took 10mg in the morning and 10mg in evening, then dropped the morning dose and every other day. It took about 3 months I think. I did have a few withdrawal effects but it was mainly over after I stopped the last tablet.

    Duloxetine is licensed for pain too. Have you tried that? It's an SNRI.

    Much love ❤️

  • Hi,

    Thank for reply and appreciate the advice.

    I'm waiting for a GP appointment now. Copy of Psychotherapist report and medication request to GP only came in post today. What I'm given now will only be short term until I see Psychiatrist next month. So not sure what they will give in terms of Meds. But I'm hoping it will work.

    Warm regards and thanks. 💖

  • I was very ill taking amitryptiline,when I was put on a high dose for migraine it caused me to have a breakdown.I take 30mg of duloxetine now and what a difference Ive never felt better mentally but we are all different.

  • I would like to have tried Duloxetine. But needed to get some sleep quickly and get a quick handle on my anxiety so I opted for Amitriptyline as it's worked in the past.

    How did you find Duloxetine initially? Any side effects?

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