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When is the best time to take Sertraline? Morning or evenings? I’m finding I’m very groggy and sad, and by the afternoon I’ve picked up?

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I just started taking it and I've been taking it at 11am. I still feel the side effects a bit heavy but it's different for everyone

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TayM in reply to jvan

I was on them last year and I remember taking them in the morning and I was very sleepy during the day! I might take one now and see how I feel in the morning 😌 what are your side affects, if you don’t mind me asking?

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jvan in reply to TayM

I don't mind. I seem to get nauseated and sleepy as well. I've also experienced cotton mouth and some mood swings, and moments where I kind of zone out of everything. But beside that I don't feel anything too concerning.

I get those 2 things, but I clench my jaw pretty tight.. so that gives me a headache.. I don’t mind zoning out, it’s a nice feeling haha

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jvan in reply to TayM

It is but not when I'm at work haha. & I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who clenches their jaw. I also end up grinding my teeth without noticing

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TayM in reply to jvan

Haha, true! Have you notice anything about your pupils? Mine are huge

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jvan in reply to TayM

I've noticed my eyes have been getting a little blurred and irritated lately. I naturally have very chinky eyes so I haven't noticed qnythinh, but I was told that my eyes look a little more "noticable" so maybe so

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TayM in reply to jvan

Mine have as well,especially when i wear my contact lenses..

I would say night but does it not tell you on the prescription.i feel taking many medication during the day just makes me very tired.

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TayM in reply to kenster1

It says you can take it whenever.. I mean I have only been on it since Tuesday, and my body is adjusting to it

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kenster1 in reply to TayM

your doing better than I did on honest opinion is take them at night once they are in your bloodstream and having effect then less chance of grogginess during the day provided you get a decent sleep.

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TayM in reply to kenster1

My body can adjust pretty well, but it’s just the mornings as I wake up feeling very low but takes me a few hours to feel some what “normal”

give it time hopefully it wears off see if you have a shower having a cool shower first thing helped me with medication in the past.

Hi Tay, I've been on them for 7 months now and I take mine every morning as soon as I'm up. :)

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TayM in reply to Catwoman2018

I might start taking them in the morning instead of evenings.. I seem to feel unwell and very nauseas in the mornings 😩

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Catwoman2018 in reply to TayM

I find I don't get disturbed sleep either. Hope you find what works for you. Sending you best wishes and hope you feel bit better. :)

I begin taking Sertraline 6 years ago. I know the sleepy feeling it caused. I took it in the morning. I was so tired. I switched to taking it at bedtime. It still made me tired. I was Anorexic for forty years. I was also tired from the illness. After 6 years of the same drug. I have the side effects worked out. I have a great weight now. I have recently recovered from Anorexia. I guess all the treatment that I had with therapy and Sertraline. It is working.

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TayM in reply to art62grammie

That’s great news 😁

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art62grammie in reply to TayM



I take all my AD MEDICATIONS about one hour before bed, they help me sleep and help my concentration during the day. Taking them at daytime seemed to cause problems performing various acts.


Figure out how many hours you're sleepy for, then subtract that number from the time you get up. Take your medication at that time.

If you're drowsy from 8 am to 1pm, and you get up at 8 am. Take your medication at 3 am. It's inconvenient, but it might be necessary for a temporary period of time until your body gets used to the medication.

Hi TayM and thank you for your post. You can choose to take sertraline at any time, as long as you stick to the same time each day. If you have trouble sleeping, it is best to take it in the morning. The following website provides further information---

Sertraline: an antidepressant-NHS.UK

If you continue to have concerns, please discuss these with your GP.

I hope you find this helpful.

Thank you and best wishes.


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TayM in reply to JoanellaJ

Afternoon 😌

Been on sertraline from July. To be honest, it was a rough two weeks at the start with similar side effects which I`m glad to say went away, I found taking sertraline in the morning better for myself as at night I found they kept me awake, The plus is stick with them as I have found them beneficial and certainly worthwhile in the long run, I wish you well.

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TayM in reply to AntaineMac

Thank you! I’m gonna start taking them in the morning.. hopefully no sickness feeling

Hi IV only been on sertraline fr 10 days. IV switched to taking about 8pm and am not so tired during the day. Good luck

I take 150 mgs sertraline a day and the doctor told me to take them all together in the morning. It seems to work for me. x

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