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I don't want to be alive anymore


I've been living with ptsd.mood disorder personality disorder and depression my hole life my mother passed away 2016 now im alone no one will help me i don't have my meds i live with my ex boyfriend and he yells at me and hurts me i ask everyone to help me no one cares to help or tell me where i can get help and no one cares about me im ready to walk away and find some to die alone

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I’m very sorry you’re having to go through this. And alone also. I urge you to call the following number if you are feeling that desperate. It may help or schedule a dr. appt. to talk as soon as you can. 1-800-273-TALK is the phone number to call.

So sorry to hear you are suffering like this. Please do make yourself available of helplines at this time. UK samaritans 116123 You can phone anytime day or night and they will listen. I have used them myself. Or use the US helpline suggested if in US.

Hi I agree with the others that you need to see your doctor and if you feel like talking ring one of the helpline numbers.

Unless people have suffered with their mental health they don't know how to help you or what to say and you are putting too much of a burden on them. Don't forget everyone has their own problems and stresses and often can't spare much time to help others. Professional help is what you need.

We all understand here though so stay with us and join in and we will help and support you all we can. x


I agree with above, make a double appointment with your GP, also a list of your concerns.

Personally I feel living with a past boyfriend. You need to ask your GP if Social Services can have words with you and arrange a half way house for you to move into on a temporary basis until you can get your own place and move on.

Mental Health is barely understood by most of the population, they look at it as a weakness, sometimes people can be unable to relate, so it is important you get help.

You mention PTSD, if this is the case it does need to be addressed, if this is caused by Violence it needs to be sorted as quickly as possible. The main problem is if it is this Man the situation will get worse over time so it is urgent to get out and in protection.

The problem is against the Law and if need be you can talk to the Police and they can arrange a place of safety, and arrange a Social Worker to help


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