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Anxiety toilets


Hello I am suffering with anxiety but have managed to ease it quite a lot with CBD oil but I have noticed that whenever I am out and about I need to run to the toilet or I’ll face the consequences, and also a couple of hours before I need to go to work I suffer the same fate and also makes me feel sick quite a lot, it is literally ruining my life, does anybody reckon this is due to some sort of social anxiety ?

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Hi Charlie,

I am concerned as a healthcare professional that you are taking CBD oil, which I presume has not been prescribed for you by your doctor, and which can interact with your Sertraline (I've checked your earlier post) antidepressants. If you live in the UK, medical grade Cannabis oil has been an illegal substance until this November, where it is being trialled under strict guidelines, mainly for epilepsy. Non-medical grade CBD oil has been widely available on the internet, and herbal shops, varies in quality and effectiveness, but could contain high quantities of THC (which gives a 'high'), which can interfere with prescription medication. It is important that you tell your doctor that you are using this substance. There are side effects including diarrhoea, and risk of dependency that come from using it. Check this link for more information:


MAS Nurse and Moderator

My doctor stopped my sertraline but hasn’t done anything since as I spoke to him over the phone so I decided to take CBD oil which has calmed my anxiety down a lot, but now whenever I go out socially I need to go to the toilet, I am fine when I am relaxed at home, but I will go back to my doctor it’s just a pain to get an appointment now

Are you living in Canada or UK ?

Regards CBD Oil, are you getting the stuff on or off prescription ??

As Mas has explained there may be side effects between medications. Side effects can show unrelated problems that mask other conditions

I understand tests have been taken place with Cabinoides especially for Pain Medications.

These are still trails in the UK and the stuff purchased can cause some unpleasant side effects and problems


Hi, What you describe sounds like my daughter and she has anxiety the whole toilet thing I get it, as I am sometimes with her when it happens. Not sure how to address it my daughter sometimes laughs it off saying she needs a local public toilet map. She still goes out and sometimes nothing happens.

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