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Hi guys, I am posting because I am at the end of my tether with this, I was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder in 2014 after having a episode with hypomania ? Psychosis in 2013, last time I was convinced there were angels around me, started seeing colours/sparkles and getting 'premonitions about things, I refused to take their medication which was an antipsychotic, spent 3 months confused and frightened then came down off that huge mountain and hit the most horrible low, emotional pain. My relationship ended, I gave up a house and walked away! Anyway it's been up and down, I would say anxiety is the main problem, the GP increased the mirtazipine to 45mg, have been feeling pretty dark but not enough to do anything irriversable (I have a six yr old) i am now angry, irritable, experiencing migranes, nausea, the list is endless. I still have alternative beliefs and these don't bother me so doesn't need stopping, I currently take mirtazipine, diazepam and pregabalin but none of these seem to help any anxiety, luckily I sleep so don't really want an upheaval in any medication. Any one got any advice re medication for anxiety generally? Thank you, Viv :)

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Very difficult for you. I suspect you would be even more anxious without that cocktail of drugs.

You already have diazepam which should help anxiety but at the expense of drowsiness and side effects.

Mindfullness is the best thing if you can really do it well, also meditation (not ruminations), all that eastern Buddhist stuff.

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Unfortunately there is no magic wand and increasing ruminations will make things worse


Thank you, I feel I am fairly intuitive and spiritual anyway so do practice meditation, attend acupuncture etc. The problem with diazepam comes when I try to stop taking it! I have done some work around mindfulness which I think your right that does help. No magic wand I agree but better awareness in society may be helpful, not found the services here that wonderful, was a bit of a blessing finding this group, thank you for replying :)


Sounds to me that you opened yourself onto a higher level in your spirituality .. I understand about seeing things which a minority of people can. I see colours around people and pick up on their problems without them telling me and also can tell them certain things which noone else could know. Having these gifts can be draining to us and also flummex other people. We are not mad or psychotic. We are gifted individuals whom can offer help and enlightenment to people.

Diazepam is addictive and will cause problems. In fact any med will affect your psyche. I am experiencing total drug free days just now and the clarity is immense .. For 16 years I have been a medication user and was addicted to opiates courtesy of the NHS. Twelve months ago I came off them .. Been a long hard slog but well worth it ;)


I think you and I are probably on the same wavelength, sadly we are a minority and misunderstood! I am a nurse and being empathic is amazing but tiring and draining at the same time, I am disheartened by the NHS and the treatment that is given (from a nursing point of view) and get frustrated with not being able to give my best. Forget the psych system, nothing personal but I don't feel it's holistic, certainly not going to entertain anything spiritual! Thank you for your reply, I understand what you are saying about opiates, luckily I have never needed them but you are right about the diazepam I am addicted, the pregabalin I reduced to 75mg with the view to stop but couldn't and the mirtazipine I don't dare stop, my next session of Councilling I think is going to have to discuss how to get off the diazepam! I do think these drugs mask intuition, it's still there but I don't get as much, with regards to empathy, if I could shut that off, I would not be a good nurse, my problem is articulating it into words that others understand and not confuse people, because I can feel what they are thinking anyway, if that makes sense! Thank you x


Hello I feel your GP has touched all the basis with you and medications so you do need coping techniques.with training in Anger Management

You could try Mindfulness a life adjusting technique that deals with control of life choices and Relaxation Techniques. Personally reading above you need help and support and coping techniques, including above they will be best taught to you, So you will get the benefit of someone helping you control your anger management. How are you living at this time ?

Go back to your GP and explain your fears and needs, make a list of your fears and concerns and that will allow you to make best use of your Appointment. You could also ask for a double appointment to give you more time to explain your concerns

We are here if you need support


Thank you, haven't really thought of myself needing anger management but if it helps frustration and irritation then got to be worth a go, you are right I am someone that needs to be focused, possibly by others but our system is not the greatest, that's my experience so it's finding the right person, good idea about the double slot, I have 10 mins on Monday so think I am just going to write what I need to say and get to the point instead of going on about whatever and not getting anywhere x


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