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Does CBD help with anxiety?


Hi, I have had quite bad anxiety for a while now and was wondering if anyone has had any experience using CBD oil for relief? There seems to be quite a lot written about its benefits but it would be great to hear your advice or suggestions on the topic.

Thank you!

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Thanks for your reply! Did it help ease the sypmtoms? I'm just looking for something to take the edge off so I can relax a bit and recently I saw a few articles about how it can help relax.

I've been told the qaulity varies a lot too so not really sure what product is best to try.

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I've decided to give it a try and just ordered a bottle. I'll let you know how I get on with the CBD oil.

Most of these medications are designed for certain illnesses so you will need to double check the type is suitable for mental health.

This stuff at this time can work out expensive over mid to long term so you need to consider if you get plenty bangs for buck.

Are you taking standard script through your GP


Hi Bob,

Thank you for your reply :)

I'm not taking anything from my GP yet as I would prefer not get stuck taking meds for the long term. I know this is an option I may need to reconsider if things dont improve. I did buy some CBD oil this evening so I will try it out and see how I get on.

I know what you mean it's not cheap! Have you had any experience with CBD yourself?


I would have used it for both pain and anxiety.It did work quite well,but I would say ,it probably needs high strength,I took 1000mgs,and also you are better buying it from a reputable CBD site/shop,as I found that I bought it once or twice from a local pharmacy,(as my nearest CBD shop is over 40 miles away and sometimes mobility issues limited me travelling) and it wasn’t as effective as the oil bought in CBD shop.It is expensive,although cheaper in CBD shop,but I found it very good.Hope this helps.

Hi Carly,

That's good to know, the one I bought was 1000mg too so seems like I got that right! I did quite a bit research, the company has been around since 2017 and has good reviews so my fingers are crossed. It arrived today so I'm going to give it a try this evening!



Best to try smoking it first. There’s a lot of cannabis which is high in CBD so there’s no euphoric affect. You might also benefit from something that’s coming from an Indica strain as well, as it seems to have more of a sedative affect. Smoking it gets into the bloodstream quicker and you can more accurately gauge your dosage. Just have a little bit at a time and realize it takes about five minutes for it to have full affect with smoking. After you find out what’s best for you you can try moving over to oils or edibles. Just keep in mind that when you eat something it takes over an hour for it to take affect and it will usually last for about six hours In your system. So always start with a small amount when you’re eating edibles and gradually build up with your tolerance level. If you search online for a company named Starseed you can look at the different products that they offer and inquire with them what might be best for your needs. There all medical grade cannabis.

Thanks Andrew,

I don't have anything against people that smoke but I won't start smoking at this age :) although your comment is interesting. I've already bought some oil now too so I'll stick with that - all I have to do is put it under my tongue for 60 seconds and swallow and I'm going to give it a try in the next hour, so wish me luck :)

How did the CBD oil work for you?

Curious about your experience. I've been experimenting with edibles and the tincture. I've tried the Kangaroo brand gummies, JUST CBD gummies, & CBD tincture from Element CBD. The bottle of tincture holds 1500 mg total.

One full dropper is about 50 mg. I use one to two droppers (50-100 mg) at bedtime to stop my thoughts from spinning so I can relax into sleep. It does not full pain. It is not habit-forming.

I've definitely noticed the relaxing effect. Everything just wen't a bit slower and I felt calm in the lead up to bedtime. I normally sleep for about 6 hours but have managed 7 the past 2 nights.

I haven't taken it in the morning yet but now that I'm comfortable with how it feels I may give it a try becuase I still get pangs of anxiety throughout the day.

Overall I'm happy with how it helps me relax in the evenings but it's still quite early on so I'll keep going for now and see if the results last. My bottle is 1000mg which was recommended by the company and I'm taking 2-3 drops a few hours before bed. I haven't heard of Kangaroo but the one I've been using is a UK company called Kanaco which was recommended to me as a good one.

I've seen the CBD gummies - would you recommend them?

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