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I recently lost my grandad in December in an unexpected, accidental death, and then 4months to the day he died, my father passed away which was also sudden and unexpected, and I witnessed it happen. Since watching my dad die in front of me I have had terrible anxiety. I’ve never been an anxious person and I just can’t seem to get rid of physical anxiety symptoms. I am constantly experiencing shortness of breath, feeling nauseous, sometimes dizzy, I am also constantly worried that something bad is going to happen either to myself or to my mother, and it’s really affecting me. I’ve also had bad insomnia even though I am exhausted most days. I’m have received sleeping tablets from my doctors which work some days but not all of the time. I’m also constantly worrying that my anxiety symptoms are something more sinister and feel as though I am going to die, it’s always on my mind. It probably sounds dramatic but it’s just how I feel. I’ve contacted my GP about it, I tried medication to try and settle my anxiety which didn’t seem to work, the doctors are adamant that’s it’s just anxiety but will not give me a face to face appointment because of covid. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to handle severe anxiety as I’ve tried breathing exercises and all of that stuff but it just doesn’t seem to work and it’s awful to feel this way all of the time, super long post just feeling so overwhelmed recently, thanks.

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Hi Ranxiety I very sorry to hear of your losses, how sad. At this time with covid it's extremely hard to see a Dr but in your circumstances there should be exceptions, as a face to face will be good for you.

I think it will be good for you to see a bereavement counseller also, and talk about your losses. Your feeling of Anxiety is only natural considering all that your family have been through.and the worry that your carrying around with you, try making another appointment with your Dr and explain how your feeling, how tired and worried you are about other people dieing, if your sleep, was a bit better, you'll hopefully function better during the day, bless you. Please don't bottle things up, speak about them both, and remember the great times you spent together. I know how hard that can be, I also lost my Dear Dad when I went away for a day, and the guilt I feel to this day is horrible. You can ring the Samaritans their there to listen to you 24/7. There's an app called calm, and u tube have some helpful tips. Please give them a try and I wish you all the best. Sending you big hugs. X

Dear ranxiety it is so sad to lose loved ones. I had a similar thing with several bereavements in a short time. My counsellor explained that a part of my brain ( fight and flight part) was over stimulated and caused my body to feel threatened which have me terrible symptoms. I have found using a meditation you tube 20 min session daily and daily colouring session has calmed my over thinking brain. It's hard to believe it can help but it does. Calm your brain then you can start dealing with all the other things going on. You need to look after and be super kind to yourself. I hope you feel better soon x

Hi ranxiety , I’m new here, I’m no specialist, but I know what your going through in some sense, I too had those type of anxieties and it’s difficult, was hard to comprehend and tomes I felt I was getting out of my body or walking on a water bed type floor, I didn’t understand, and up all hours of the nite worrying, yes you may have to go to the hospital to see if they can reach a dr that can help you, after I was told what was wrong with me, I took the meds, started eating rite and got on my gazelle every evening, watching someone die is a trauma and you’ll need to speak about it and understand what trauma is, I also listened to music ( oldies ) songs that made me feel good, yes, I’m still struggling and was recently put on new meds, I was taken b12-6 and probiotic, now I’m not sure if I can still take them, I hope this kinda helped, maybe you can find something you can look forward it to , like what I did,


Personally I feel you need to talk out the loses you describe above. We never get over the loss of family members around us and talking possibly to family members may help you move on. The loss of your Father seems very tragic and upsetting. If we are still very young etc feelings of Loss can be very profound.

Has your Doctor advised at any time Talking Therapy . This also can help you move on and again live life more full than now.. If your Doctor will not help talking to family members about thes family loses will help you move on as I am gathering no-one seems to be talking about these deaths


Hi Ranxeity,

So sorry for your losses. Are you in UK? If so go on to the NHS website for bereavement, grief and loss. They will have advice and the links to what you need.

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