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Hello all... I am 30 years old, 3 kids, and I suffer from severe HEALTH ANXIETY... I had an absolutely, awful, panic attack last night. Today I feel EXHAUSTED, scared, weak, and worried. Scared it may come back, scared bc I'm so exhausted that I have something horribly wrong with me... any advice, stories, or words will help. Thank you!

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Hi Ashley,

Welcome to the community! I’ve only been here a few days myself, and gosh, it’s amazing here :)

Me too, friend. Health anxiety is truly awful. If I’m having a particularly severe episode, I will be beyond convinced of my imminent death and anyone who comes at me with logic can expect some extreme stubbornness.

My advice for you, is: DO NOT GOOGLE YOUR SYMPTOMS. For a health anxiety sufferer, Googling your symptoms is the worst thing that you could do. It’s going to tell you that everything = death. If you’re worried, see a GP. I know it’s really hard sometimes to resist googling, but pull through it, and you’ll save yourself a lot of panic over nothing.

Best wishes,


I got injured 13 years ago and dr just tramustized me and that's when all the health anxiety started for me. And googling is terrible! I did and immediately went into panic over bone cancer , spinal tumors and I just lost all grips to reality...

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