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Hi everyone I'm new to this, came across this site whilst looking up bipolar depression which is what I was diagnosed with earlier today. I'm 25 years old and was diagnosed with severe depression 4 years ago. I've since had a baby, he's now 6 months old and I've been struggling with my emotions and mood ever since. I'm tying to pluck up the courage to self refer myself for therapy but so far it hasn't gone down well, I just want to feel like me again


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  • Welcome to the community. You will find this of enormous help to you. And you will get replies from other members. We are all friendly here and help each other

  • Hi satsuma im in a bit of a tizzy tonight afraid to sleep i feel very fatigued and im frightened wish i could feel better didnt think missing. The odd quetiapine. Would cause this !

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  • Hi Torie. Welcome to the forum! When you say you're "trying to pluck up the courage", what is it that you're frightened of? What is it that you have to lose by self-referring?

    I urge you to make the necessary call because the sooner you do so, the sooner you can start the road to recovery.

    Blessings 🌹

  • maybe it's that she feels uncertain taking that first step. It is a huge leap of faith to put your trust in someone else. She also has to find someone that she can connect with, and that can take some time.But still a very big problem is that they can't help you in the way you think they should. It's still up to you to put in the effort to change the way you feel.

  • I've tried therapy before and after waiting just under a year agreed to travel to be seen quicker and was so disappointed. I ended up seeing a lady who literally said 'you've got six sessions what do you want to talk about for these sessions'. I lost faith and didn't go back. My GP is convinced it will help I'm just worried that the same thing will happen again after putting myself out there and opening up old wounds.

  • Surely the whole point of therapy is that the therapist helps you discover what is bothering you as you go along. Or have I misunderstood what was said here? Was the therapist merely asking why you had chosen therapy in the first place?

  • That's exactly what I thought, just made me feel awkward to be honest as she really put me on the spot.

  • Hello and welcome😊 Firstly you say you have bi polar which I also have, I was diagnosed when I was 45 I am 64 now. My GP's practise offers me therapy, I went once when I was still working and under a lot of pressure, al I got was plan A then plan B so I sorted myself out, got self employed away from all the stress, she was useless. You say you have a 6 month old baby, this is demanding and also very special as they grow up so quickly. I suggest you go to your GP tell them how you feel and ask to see a Psychriastrist as really they are the only professionals to help you. Are you taking medication? I have been on Lithium for years, I was only I'll the once and do not see anyone now, I have countless worries over one of my sons who I think is bi polar too but I am able to cope. I am sure you will feel better once you are on medication. Let me know how you get on 😊😊

  • Hi there TorieVic

    Welcome to our friendly Forum here on Action on Depression, we're very pleased to have you join us. Please do read our Community Guidelines on the right hand side of this page.


  • Hi, Just wanted to say Bipolar has a site as well - May be of use

  • Hello, I too have just been diagnosed with Bipolar after suffering from unipolar depression for 20 years. I have tried every combination of antidepressant and mood stabilizer known to man. I am currently on Lithium, Lamotragine and Effexor. My psychiatrist also recommended Omega 3 with EPA and I take 3mg per day. Your GP should refer you to secondary care services. I am going to assume that you have been diagnosed by a psychiatrist, not a GP. You should be allocated a care coordinator and placed on the care program approach meaning that you should have regular reviews. If the counselling that you are being offered isn't helpful, just keep being a broken record and tell them. You could ask for a referral to see a psychologist. I am currently half way through a one year DBT course and I have found it really helpful, if a bit intense. Being diagnosed is such a big thing, try and take a moment to think about what it means for you, your family etc. It can take some time to sort out meds, but they do get sorted in the end. I am afraid you will just have to become very vocal about what helps and what doesn't. Hope this helps.

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