New to the community!

New to the community!

Hi everyone my name is Jeannie I am soon to be 20 years old. I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 8 years old. I am now learning how to overcome my depression. I can't wait to get to know all of you ! I have recently found an outlet for my mental illnesses; photography. I thought I'd share with everyone a photo I did. It's titled depression. Let me know what you think ! Much love :)

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  • Great photo

  • Thank you !

  • You were very young to be struck with this living hell of an illness, I was 21 when it all started with me. I'm in a really bad place just now and not coping well, but wanted to say your photo says it all !! Hope you are well just now. Hugs xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear that ! Yes depression can be such a horrible thing. I'm happy that there is a community of people so we know we are not alone ! Thank you so much for your positive words ! ❤️ I pray things will get better for you.

    Much love,


  • Thank you ! I'm so happy that you have really sunk your teeth into interpreting this photo. I do agree with you if she had just turned around. The sad thing is most of us can't always do so. Myself included. Darkness can be powerful. I'm happy that you could identify with my image. I'll be posting more of my work so if you'd like follow me on here so you'll know when !

    Much love,

    Jeannie ❤️

  • She looks like she is in despair and is unable to move the lower part of her body as it is encased in depression of the lowest. The chains are keeping her locked down and her head hurts that much she has resorted to grabbing at her hair on the verge of tearing it out

  • Thank you for taking the time to look at my photo ! It means the world to me ❤️

  • You are very welcome

  • Hi Jeannie, I think it's fantastic!! I think it really captures the anquish and despair that we so often feel, not to mention hopelessness, loneliness just wishing to wake up happy every day or just about and stay happy all day. Have positive thoughts etc etc... i love your photography ☺

  • Thank you so much !!!!!! ❤️ I'm happy that my message is getting across. Hope all is well !

    Irie 💕

  • It just so happens that I am a former art teacher so I feel well qualified to give to give you a critique..The purpose of art is to communicate feeling and you have been quite successful on that point. Your use of light and dark, the feeling of heaviness, works very well/ I wish I could see it better, the detail. for instance..Well done.

    I am sorry you have had to deal with depression for so long and at such a young age. Use those feelings in your art, make it work for you, Pam

  • Thank you so much ! I'm happy that my feelings are coming across in my photo. I always get somewhat discouraged to continue my pursuit in the art world. I'm going on 6 months of being a freelance, self taught photographer. . I want to go to school so that I can get my teaching credentials to teach art. . . Idk what do you think ? I means so much to me that you too the time to stop and look thank you ❤️

  • The hope is always that you can make a living from your art,but the reality is that it is difficult to do.Only a few seem to be able to accomplish it. That teaching certificate will make all the difference. You can still be a serious artist, you will have a pension plan, you will live well and be able to put money into your equipment, travel when school is off. It can be a very good life as oppose to always struggling. What ever you decide to do I'm sure your talent will shine through. I have to add that teaching is so rewarding and the kids keep you fresh. Pam

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