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Does bipolar cause physical symptoms when you are in a depressive state?

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For those of you who are bipolar or know someone who has it can you experience physical symptoms as well as mental when you are in a depressive state? If so can you list them out?

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I have Bi-Polar, (among other things) and when I am in the depressive stage, I have the following physical symptoms:

Tiredness, but unable to sleep

No feelings of hunger

Muscular weakness


Hope that's of some help?

Kind regards, Allan.

I'm talking to a therapist and i think i may have bipolar. I have anxiety but i get these crashes that can last for months and lasted years during my teenage years where i feel completely run down and i get physical symptoms like dizziness, racing heart beat, water retention and more. I also look different too i look like i'd been doing drugs my whole life when i'm in one of my crashes which makes things a lot worse.

Hey there, healthiskey,

I am sorry you are going through this, it sounds like a confusing time for you. I think it is a great idea to continue discussing this with your therapist and doctor, mine have helped me tremendously. I have bipolar disorder and agree a lot with Dopeymine and hypercat54 in that I get many of the same symptoms- dizzy, loss of appetitite, muscular weakness/soreness, restlessness or lethargy. Usually my anxiety worsens during this time and I tend to experience more panic attacks-racing heart, numbness/tingling, heat spreading over my body, hard to swallow, etc. I feel like on those bad days that I do look rough, and I agree, it tends to make me feel worse about things. About the water retention though, could that be from improper diet on bad days? I feel bloated the next day after not drinking enough water. I hope this helps :)

I feel like the fact that i've had anxiety for years has took it's toll on my health. I look really bad for the length of time that i'm in a crash. it does go up and down but still below baseline. I get the loss of appetite that you's talk about and the panic attacks where it's hard to swallow. I also get chest pain as well and sometimes the chest pain can be really bad that it stops me from sleeping. It affects my physical appearance really badly that i don't leave the house during a crash and it's impossible to do anything or get anything done. I'm in a crash right now it started a week and a half ago. I was doing really well for a couple of months before this but i felt it coming on me because i started sleeping a lot more and feeling tired and now i feel like crap. I feel a lot of guilt when i'm like this for mistakes i made in the past or just general wrongs i've done in my life. The guilt can be nearly unbearable at times. Also even when i'm like this i still get "highs" where i feel really wired up and talkative and i get ideas in my head (usually about how i think i can overcome the issues i have in my life) and i just need to talk to someone about them straight away. The "high" feeling i get when i'm in a crash doesn't really feel good it's like wired and high but depressed at the same time because i know i'm still in the thick of it. Alcohol can make me crash really badly. There's been times when i've went out partying too much and binge drinking and it's messed me up for several months. I've had to drop out of school at 16 too because of all this. I get body aches as well and stiff joints. Basically i just feel completely run down. I'm waiting on test results to see if theres anything physically wrong with me like autoimmune or something but i doubt it. I've had some autoimmune tests done like thyroid and they came back normal and all the standard tests came back normal too. I started having panic attacks when i was like 12 and then the physical symptoms started when i was around 14-15 which slowly started debilitating me.

That's a lot to go through. I don't want your anxiety to get worse or think you absolutely have bipolar disorder until/if it gets diagnosed by your doctor, so I hope I am not triggering anything for you. If I am triggering anxiety, please let me know and I will stop. May I message you privately?

It helps to talk to people about it so you're not triggering you're helping and yeah u can private message

Thank you, I wanted to check first because I want this to stay a safe place to share things :)

Hi I don't have b polar, just depression but I definitely get some physical symptoms. I feel tired, lethargic, weak, heart racing or the opposite. x

I get all those symptoms and more when i crash. I don't know if i have bipolar yet i need to talk to my therapist about it i just started seeing one recently. I hope your depression gets better. The physical symptoms are worse then the mental ones i feel when i crash. I feel like i've been doing meth my whole life then quit cold turkey and i look like that too which ruins my self esteem and then when i start feeling good again i look healthy and vibrant but i'm always worrying when the next crash will be.

You may suffer Anxiety, and become sensitized to your own environment and health. That in itself can make you feel quite ill. Where you will stop trusting Health Professionals interventions as you would ask for more further or repeat tests. That and rapid mood changes will make life more of a problem.

You may have side affects from medications for a time.


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