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When your depressed

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I can never be motivated to cook for myself when I am suffering.. always rely on takeaways or just not bother eating ... which I realise is not good..

does anyone else get this ? Or any suggestions how to break this cycle ?

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Hi Gazza

I am in the same boat. Going to try to write out a menu for each day next week and see if that helps.

Cheers, Matt

That's a good idea .. but just cannot get myself In the frame of mind to cook .. or what I cook I don't eat !

What about batch cooking when you are able and simply reheating? As for not eating, that has only happened when I was having a really bad episode, I wish I could stop eating now, this brain stuff is complicated.

I suppose as long as your physical health is not extreme, don't beat yourself up, you are just back at work. One thing and one day at a time.

We will get there, or not but let's not set ourselves arbitrary rules and limits.

Hard ain't it

Look after yourself, Matt

Thanks Matt really appreciate that 😁

Hi there Gazzathomas,

Cooking can be therapeutic when you're feeling up to it of course. You could try cooking a few a meals and freezing them individually, that way you won't have to cook when you don't feel up to it and you'll also have a choice all without leaving the house!


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MattBuckland in reply to chloe40

Great minds😀

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chloe40 in reply to MattBuckland

Sure is :-)


Chloe didn't you say you were going to create a group for recipes and baking? Hint to anyone who wants to share some easy recipes with me!

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chloe40 in reply to Gazzathomas

Yes, we have 'Lets Bake' under Topics on the right hand side of the page but so far only one member has submitted a recipe, so come on guys and gals, let's have some recipes for Gazzathomas and anyone else in the same situation, thank you.

Hi ☺ there are some really easy recipes with step by step instructions (or even a little video showing you exactly what to do ) on Pinterest.I'm not on commission honest !! 😅.

Yer I want someone to share my mealtimes with in the ideal world

Well Satsuma, when we've some recipes submitted, we can all choose a meal to cook on the same day, how's that? Sharing a meal Day we'll call it, lovely!

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Gazzathomas in reply to chloe40

Yes I would go For that we could cook and take pictures of what we did and then sit down together across the oceans even and have a meal!

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Faceinajar in reply to chloe40

Hi I was a Chef in my former ( healthier ) life I cooked for a restaurant for 10 YEARS .Mainly specialising in desserts but Love All food (Except shellfish !! I see them as Sea Insects !! Yuck ) Anyone I can help with tips etc I'd be happy to.Tc x

Making a pizza is so easy and most people love pizza. I even use the bread dough from aldi which is mega cheap as long as its rolled super thin but just as easy to make with flour, yeast mixed in warm water and salt, touch of oil. Top with pizza topping or bolognaise sauce, mozzarella, bit of cheese and any other toppings. Cook until the base is done and everything's melted. You can then keep some and eat it cold later. You can even make pitta bread pizzas which are mega cheap. Just buy some cheap pitta breads, put toppings on as you would a pizza and they cook really quickly

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chloe40 in reply to

Thank you Hidden now added to 'Lets Bake'

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chloe40 in reply to

Hidden Can you please submit a photo as I can't add it to

'Lets Bake' without one, many thanks


in reply to chloe40

I can't seem to see let's bake on here but I am on a mobile. Do I need to do it via the main website?

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chloe40 in reply to

'Lets Bake' is on the right hand side of this page under Topics. When you next make one please just add the recipe and upload the pic. Thanks so much.

in reply to chloe40

Will do yeah. It's an excuse to make pizza this week now. Bang goes the diet haha x

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Gazzathomas in reply to

I thought pizza was healthy?

in reply to Gazzathomas

Proper Italian pizza yes mine nope haha x

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Gazzathomas in reply to

Ha ha! I will go with your pizza then 😂

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Satsuma in reply to chloe40

I am on a phone too and I cannot see the topic section booohoooo

Yep, I get that, and I even love cooking! I tend to have things around that I can make easily, stuff that just needs to be put in the oven. Chilled pizzas, or frozen things, some chicken fillet and roast potatoes or something. Not always healthy, but it does mean I still eat when I don't feel like cooking.

Hi I am exactly the same, so I tend to have a stock of ready meals in just to shove in the microwave for a few minutes. I buy tins of veggie curry at Tesco's and the rice and curry pots (but only when they are on special offer). I also buy things like pizza subs which are microwaveable and frozen jacket potatoes.

Ok not the best diet but it's better than a sandwich usually or even worse comfort food. Make sure you have tins of things and plenty of fresh fruit in which helps. x

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Gazzathomas in reply to

Great ideas .. never thought of just buying tinned stuff .. I need to eat more fresh fruit so that's a simple task if buying some fruit and having on hand to chomp on when I get all frustrated with myself not being able to decide to cook or when i do not eating it which is what usually happens ..

in reply to Gazzathomas

Well it's a lot cheaper than takeaways! I also buy frozen veg as it keeps a lot longer than fresh. It's easier and quicker to cook in the microwave too.

I have also started to cook omelettes and have bought myself an omelette pan. These are easy, quick and nutritious. x

Yeah it suck's when your down and it comes to eating,you lack the motivation to cook,and for me i just eat crap,or just live off of junk food just because i do not have the motivation to make a proper meal.

During my crappy 8 and a bit month spell of being down i think i had like 1 or 2 proper meal's throughout that entire time,the rest of the time was just living off off junk food,biscuits,crisps,pancakes,chocolate,all the food that really is just no good for you.

Now i am back in the "zone" i have to reverse all the damage(weight gain,again) that i got from that crappy period(again) 4 days in and i am 4 lbs down already(probably water weight),feeling the buzz(also feeling the ache from working out) but still all in good time.

Perhap's meal prep will help? so if you find you have a good day,you can get meal prep dishes that you can do that should last a good couple of days(fridge/freezer) and when your having one of them day's at least then you do not really have to cook any meal,as there will be one already there waiting for you.,but it will also be a more healthy option in regards to eating crap.

To an extent i find mood dictates how you eat,when i am "up/feeling the buzz/motivated" then i eat clean,eat healthy(count calories),work out.

When down,it's just a constant flow of eating rubbish,crap food,which also makes you feel even worse,which just is crap.

But yeah,also quick fix(healthy dishes) could always be an option.

Been trying to put the recipe on let's bake but every time I click on it. It seems to jump back to the main forum. Do I need to login via the main website as on my phone?

I did some cooking yesterday and frozen some simple meals that I can microwave next week..

though some more recipes would be 😊

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