Does anyone on hear have bipolar?

They want to put me on antipsychotics but a friend said I need mood stabilizers to stop me having highs and lows but my care coordinator has told me by law they can't prescribe me mood stabilizers,it's a new law that's come out apparently and a woman who is in the child baring she can't go on them but once I'm 65 I Can,I'm only 37 and don't want to be on antipsychotics forever as I've heard bad things about them,has anyone got any advice they can give me x

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  • I'm on mood stabilisers for BPD/EUPD and am 26...never heard anything about certain ages not being able to take them.

    Maybe ask for a second opinion?

    L x

  • My care coordinator said it's a new law that came in while she was on maternity leave,maybe if your all ready on mood stabilizers you will get to stay on them but for anyone who is just getting diagnosed with it have to go on antipsychotics,I'm not sure but she said by law they can't prescribe them now

  • I was only prescribed them and began taking them 10 days ago. Never had them before.

    Really wierd...maybe it's her individual belief rather than a law? Or only certain antipsychotics... Very strange though, I am also on quetiapine (same as below).

    Hope you get sorted one way or another. Could you ask your GP?

    I'm for the UK...don't know where you are from but maybe if a different country that's why the different laws. Did she say why? Interested...

    L x

  • I'm from the uk,her words was by law we can't prescribe mood stabilizers to any woman who is at the child baring age,she just said it's a new law that's been brought out x

  • I will ask my CPN when I see her Monday as don't want to be taking them if there is an issue with having children.

    Good luck finding something helpful.

    L x

  • Hello Angel533, Welcome to this supportive community. It is important that you have a good chat with your GP and mental health team about your treatment options, as there are many medications and psychological therapies that can be tailored to the individual's condition and needs. Have you look at the Pinned Posts section on the right of the screen, there are links to 'Free guides on MH issues...' ? I've copied the one to more information on Bipolar disorder here and one from UK MIND charity:

    Also for the UK the NHS NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) Guidelines:

    There's a lot of useful information about the different types of Bipolar Disorder, treatment options etc.. It's worth taking your time to read through all the recommendations so that you are better educated about treatments, medications etc. and can discuss more knowledgeably with your MH team. Although folks here are very supportive and some will share similar conditions, it is important to remember that this is an anonymous online community that is no substitute for medical professional advice and help, and each person will experience BD differently and be offered different treatment options.

    Hope this helps in some way. Keep in touch. Stay safe.

  • Thankyou I have just downloaded the information you have just sent so I can read it all

  • I'm bi polor I was diagnosed in 2013 and have been taking quatiapine ever since, I started on 600 mg and have reduced by 300 mg in the last six months. I have been very lucky as along with them I take duloxatine anti depressants and I can Honestly say the medication has really worked for me. I have moments when I feel extremely lively and happy then other days I feel sad and exhausted however these mood swings are very short lived and i soon feel back to normal. My sleep has improved dramatically since starting the antipsychotic meds and I really am glad I was prescribed them. Hope you get sorted soon and if prescribed I hope they work for you. XX

  • Thankyou I hope so too,I love the highs but I can't cope with these lows,it's the worst feeling in the world x

  • Hi I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 2005. Over the years struggling with condition I have realised that one size does not fit all. I am 47yrs old was 35 when diagnosed.

    I am currently taking Mood Stabilizers, Antipsychotics, Anti Depressants, Anxiety meds and sleeping tablets.

    My advice would be to note down on a piece of paper ALL the symptoms your experiencing and how you feel and go and speak to your Dr. they will advise you of all the help in your area and hopefully help you.

    Good Luck

  • I have a care coordinator but I don't feel she is helping ill bare with it,thankyou x

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