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Health anxiety, depression and about to start on sertraline


Hey - just wondering if anyone had advice. I’ve suffered with chronic health anxiety for a while now, it peaked in 2016 and I started having panic attacks and a massive fear of death. Went to the docs and got sertraline- took one pill and got some weird side effects (obviously I’d read the leaflet adding to the issue).

I got over the panic but I’m just a very worried person. If not health, my job, my relationships etc. I want to try SSRIs again so have been prescribed sertraline again. Starting Monday but I am scared.

Any tips?


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Hi Fighthouse, i am on sertraline and if you can get past the first few weeks of side effects, it really does help and worth persevering. I've recently increased my dosage and feel lot stronger. Hope it works for you. x

Thank you! Did you figure out any ways to ge through?

My anxiety was really bad in first few weeks and I nearly gave up, but I kept myself busy at work and I had a good friend to talk to when it got bad. You can always talk to me here anytime! :)

Hi I took it for a while and it was great for me. I started on half a tablet the first week!!! Also take it on a morning as it will interfere with your sleep and you may also have very vivid dreams!!! It will settle down and you will be ok with it 😁

Fighthouse in reply to Angep

I asked the doc about taking half but he said there was no point because it wouldn’t actually do anything/ give me any side effects? I’m really worried about how anxious it’s going to make me (the irony)

Angep in reply to Fighthouse

My doctor told me it was fine to take half a tablet 😁 crazy isn’t it!!! And I have total faith in him!!! I can’t say that about others I have seen!!! I was fine on it that way!!! It was good to feel chilled and calm for once!!!

Hi, you need to get your GP to prescribe Lyrica, it’s a non-habit forming med that works wonders with anxiety. It helped me and my son no end.

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