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any coping methods for depression?


hi guys, this might be a little vent so im sorry. ive struggled with severe depression and self harm for 4 years now - ive had highs and lows but i wanted to ask how do you cope when you feel low? i feel like none of my friends actually give a shit, i know im lucky to have what i have but no one cares about my mental health. i keep so many of my thoughts to myself because i feel like a burden so this is last resort for me. even therapy never helped for me during the 3 years i went there - if youve experienced a similar kind of thing could you please let me know how you manage to cope? or any methods to help me get out of my horrible mental state; honestly anything would be appreciated even if its just saying that you can at least relate. thank you if you take the time to read this or reply

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Hi there youve definately had a rough time! Regards coping everyone different but my meds usually help but not always! Regards your friends do you not think they understand depression not everyone's come across it I'm lucky I've got my wife, sister and people I know from here support is important so find a friend you trust and discuss your depression with them you will proberly find they will be more accepting than you think! I've had depression for several years sometimes it gets bad and I find my friends are a great help! Take care david

rhiax in reply to Celtic27

thank you for sharing this with me it means a lot :) i also think i just need a better support system and its good to know youve got people who you know will be there for you - it gives me some hope. stay strong!

Celtic27 in reply to rhiax

Good luck I wish you well david

Hello rhiax and welcome to the community. I can see that you have had some good advice and it is good that you are talking to us here.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Are you studying at college or school? What is your home situation? I know that you feel the therapy that you had did not help but there may be other kinds of therapy that might be better for you so maybe a chat to your GP would be beneficial.

Please have a look around the site and in particular at the pinned posts. Also have a look at the websites below where there is a lot of useful information regarding coping with depression and self harm.


Take care and keep in touch.

Hello and welcome to the support group, I have depression and other mental health issues and it is very difficult when people around you don't seem to know how to deal with it. I am sure they care very much but it can be very hard to know what to do or say when they see someone struggle this is a very good supportive place and there are a lot of lovely people that can help. Please keep in touch and allow us all to help.

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